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Of ill dog raise
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Ill dog raise

Ill dog often needs taller nutrition. Be like calorific ill dog, every grow temperature tall 1 ℃ , metabolic level should increase commonly 10% , this is used up with respect to what mean material of the nutrition inside body want prep above normal dog. Be like contagious disease again, the metabolization of the synthesis with its immunity qualitative globulin and immune system all is strengthened, to satisfy need of this kind of complex, indispensible enough protein and nutrient material are supplied. Accordingly, the nutrition during canine sicken needs to leave dog of prep above health in most circumstance. But the disease often can affect digestive function, expression is inappetence or refus is fed, and of gastric bowel digestive function reduce. So, alimental becomes minute of composition, the content of nutrient material, dainty sex, whether to digest easily reach raise to feed means to wait, it is ill dog is raised should very watchful problem.

For compensatory protein, had better choose feed of animal sex protein, reduce the content of the crude fibre in food as far as possible, the vitamin that fills to be measured amply and inorganic salt.

Except the attention nutrition is comprised and outside content, still should notice alimental is dainty quality. Generally speaking, the appetite of ill dog all bad, food is a bit unwell mouth, can not eat. Accordingly, should choose at ordinary times the food that the dog likes to eat most, feed mensurably, raise its as far as possible appetite and increase into appetite. Want to give dietotherapy in the light of different disease. If have some of disease (accompany the disease that temperature lifts especially) can cause saliva to secrete decrease or stop, oral cavity is dry, chew to alimental and issue pharynx to cause difficulty, should give fluidity or pap, offer at the same time water amply. Contract disease of gastric bowel path, accompany especially have vomiting and the disease of next dysentery, can many moisture is followed fecal an eduction, if complement not in time, will bring about airframe dehydrate. Consequently, ill to this kind dog wants compensatory and enough moisture content, like large dose vein infusion or make its natural water; Give excitant food of small, digestible, should accomplish feed much food less; Protein of the crude fibre in reducing food, lactose, vegetable and animal connective tissue (wait like ligament, muscle) ; Increase the egg that thoroughly cook, lean lean to wait easy digest, the food with nutrient high value. To vomit and leaving the ill dog of dysentery, vitamin of B a group of things with common features should complement in food

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