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Canine feed (2)
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Master good alimental temperature

The temperature of feed with be in 40 ℃ are controlled had better, avoid super-cooling overheat, dan Zaiyan's hot summer can give cold drinks and snacks, winter must be added lukewarm, when alimental temperature exceeds 50 ℃ , possible refus eats the dog.

The attention is wholesome

Tableware wants fixed disinfection, feed should be done now eat now, had better not pass the night, become moldy degenerative food cannot feed a dog again. Hello feed around to want to stop to do acuteness exercise, drinking water should use clean tap water or Ji Shui, cannot use the hogwash in the kitchen and upper seeper, lest cause the descent of bromatoxism, helminth and peptic disease.

Notice those who observe a dog to eat a state

Reason of influence dog appetitive is very much, but have basically the following at 3 o'clock:

1. Feed respect

Because feed is not onefold, fresh, discrepant,be flavour, the dog does not wish to collect feed. 2 because a large number of chemical dressing are contained in feed,be, or the material that contains the stimulating scent such as balmy, piquancy, and particularly sweet or salty food, all affect canine appetite.

2. Feed the place that feed improper

Be like strong light, bacchic, a few dogs are contended for together feed, have stranger interference of attendant or other animal.

3. Disease

If afore-mentioned reasons discharge besides appetite to still had disappeared to turn, should consider disease issue, should notice to observe canine put oneself in another's position is departmental as good as often is behaved, discover a problem, ask vet diagnosis and treatment in time.

Young of age dog raise

In canine lifetime, young age period is to grow growth is the rapiddest, plasticity is the biggest, also be to come on with the phase with most mortality. Accordingly, of this phase raise management the demand is top, the growth that we must understand young dog growth pattern and physiology characteristic, give raise scientificly, cooperate to manage accordingly and take exercise again, accelerate the growth of young dog and growth, in order to obtain an admirable young dog that wants variety

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