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Of dog of new student young raise
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Young dog lifetime comes out to be met immediately sucking. Should let young dog lie beside mother dog, so that suck breeds. If one embryo foal is more, should the constitution the young dog of weaker, thin and small (it is the young dog that is born finally normally) breast of the suck on two pairs of nipple after be being put, after turning over a pen several times, every young dog can have fixed nipple. Want to let dog of new student young eat enough colostrum, because rich protein and vitamin are contained in colostrum, still contain taller magnesian salt, fight oxide to reach enzymatic, hormone to wait, have delay have diarrhoea and disease-resistant effect, be helpful for an embryo eduction; The acidity of colostrum is taller, be helpful for promoting the activity of enteron; All sorts of nurture in colostrum can be absorbed entirely almost, this pair enhances young dog constitution, generation quantity of heat maintains temperature very advantageous. What be worth to be carried more is, a variety of antibody that mother dog contains in colostrum (mother source antibody) , make young dog obtains disease-resistant capability, accordingly, should as early as possible (0. Inside 5~1 hour) let dog of new student young eat colostrum.

Dog of new student young leaves the mother's body suddenly uterus and outside do a contact, this ground temperature and lung breathe the difference with the biggest measurement. The temperature of dog of new student young is inferior (the temperature inside week of the 1~2 after be born is 34. 5~36 ℃ , after 4 week age subadult dog temperature.

Want to strengthen the custody of pair of young dogs, because of,prevent mother dog extruding, trample, abandon and hunger (milk does not let young dog less eat feed) and cause young dog death. The dog just was delivered of some youngs to won't breathe reach call out, appear namely play dead phenomenon, can be down the head right now, the left and right sides sways canine put oneself in another's position, with suck a ball the amniotic fluid inside bazoo of mouth of epispastic young dog, cleanse nostril mucous membrane and whole body with alcohol tampon, gently Jielvde presses the wall that press a bosom, last with artificial breath normally dog of the young after minute can begin 3~4 to breathe by oneself. Put young dog 39 ℃ Wen Shuizhong right now, the dirty content on scour off body, reused wool towel is wiped, put heat preservation case can.

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