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Let the food of 5 kinds of nutrition of dog dog health
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It is myself raises the experience with old dog to sum up earning below, reach via doctor guidance provision of 5 kinds of when suit dog dog main civilian nutrition drug.
Water of 1. pig horizontal Li

All know, dog dog cannot eat pluck, especially liver. Take the dog that eats liver dog general because toxin cannot eduction and go to the bad. And the milt that pig horizontal Li is a pig (pancreas) , belong to peptic. Basically be be good at lienal, nourishing give priority to. Special apply to all illness body empty, hidebound dog.

Specific edible method is not direct Bao water. Rot chop of fresh pig horizontal Li, chop however, next slow fire lies between water steam. Serve its juice only. Any spice do not be put when evaporate.

Inspect a patient's condition, feed every time take a few. Can take for many times. For example, appetitive dog is not had in restoring after the operation, can feed 5ml every time, 10ml. Every other half, feed 1 hour 1 times.

Broken end of 2. pig bone

Because pig bone cannot be fed directly,feed. So need makes end.

Take pig canister character, press with high-pressured boiler soft. Blow a dust with ladle. Resemble blowing malic Chengdu in that way. Because of every time can a few, can put the division that make ice by deal so in. When needing, take heat, feed every time feed 1 case, a week is fed twice.

Filling calcium, add constitutional effect. But cannot feed more. Dog dog does not suit to eat marrow.

5 dimension of 3. solution of his profess to convinced

Each are big drug-store has carry out. After the disease in applying to vitamin lack, disease, the dog with dry skin.

When falling ill, must notice nutrition is absorbed, especially vitamin. Can help restore a constitution. Also be a few milliliter every time, can feed for many times take.

The skin is dry how to reflect, treat the skin of oneself dog dog, poke hair, see cutaneous grain, much and have bit, it is to be dry. It is You Mu likely lack of bath dew, vitamin, affecting dermatosis, nutrition to wait for a problem to cause not quite.

Also can feed to oneself baby at ordinary times feed some of appropriative compound vitamin.

4. beneficial gives birth to bacterium.

This thing reputation is outer. A lot of people know. Bacterium of path of help recuperation bowel group evenly.

Be helpful for be being digested to alimental absorb. And the mainest is the absorption that can promote a vitamin.

Right the smelly, disease that do not have a tooth but the capacity that halitosis also has recuperation.

5. Children fluid of amino acerbity profess to convinced

Do not know to have dog dog for a special purpose fluid of amino acerbity profess to convinced. What the doctor suggests is install with children.

Give birth to bacterium likeness with beneficial, be aimed at intestines and stomach likewise. Besides helpful to dog dog of constipation, apply to likewise enhance immune power. Dosage also shoulds not be much.
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