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To dog dog the 4 gist of filling calcium are nodded
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In recent years, a lot of people begin to notice the filling calcium issue of oneself, the filling calcium product of all sorts of types also entered everybody's life in succession. Since the person needs to fill in time,calcium is opposite with satisfying airframe calcic need, so does our doggie need not to need filling calcium? The answer is affirmative, and because of dog dog cannot oneself are conveyed a few because be short of calcic and brought body is unwell, fill scientificly to dog dog so calcium appears more important.

What kind of dog dog needs filling calcium?

The dog dog of different breed and bodily form is in different age level, the method of filling calcium is different. But no matter be why to be planted the dog of bodily form, need not fill in lactation calcic, because they are OK,obtain many calcium to pledge from inside mother milk.

After young dog ablactations, raise feeds food of young dog dog confuse you model dog and small-sized dog also need not fill calcic, because the metropolis in young dog food contains right amount calcium,pledge.

But large and medium-sized the dog is in should notice right now right amount filling calcium. Because the type of build or figure of dog dog is greater, grow rate is rapidder, qualitative to calcium demand is bigger also, the calcium that contains in young dog food commonly satisfies the need that they grow very hard character. If you give dog dog raise,those who feed is self-restrained food, that should notice to fill in time to them more calcic.  

If your dog dog is long-term,eat animal liver additionally or with the flesh kind for staple food, so also calcium of complement of should right amount ground is qualitative. Because this kind of food is medium not only the amount that contain calcium is very small, and the vitamin A that contains Gao Nong to spend, the dog absorbs A of vitamin of tall pH indicator for a long time to be able to restrain calcic absorption. So you should instantly the habit that give up feeds liver for a long time, pledge in time for its complement calcium.

Is dog dog short of calcic meeting what to harm there is?

If young dog is calcic qualitative complement is insufficient, can appear costal evaginate, joint of forelimb wrist, ancon is out of shape, small-sized dog appears easily " O " form leg, large and medium-sized the dog can cause forelimb to be out of shape badly. If discovery is not seasonable, treatment is not proper cause possibly still bend over permanently ungual or gammy.

Additional, 2 ~ in March age it is the important period that young dog interverbebral disc forms, if be short of calcium right now, a few breed that contract interverbebral disc disease easily (be like: Beijing dog, Xi Shi dog, myna dog, lady dog) can break out after manhood, cause lifelong anguish.
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