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How to differentiate dog food
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Content brief introduction: The canine food of the full of beautiful things in eyes on the market lets consumer too many things to see, how does ability choose good canine food. Method actually very simple, look it is OK to see part!

Food of high grade dog should contain:

(1) the flesh of high grade origin kind protein, but must indicate why to be planted the flesh kind, if indicate only,be animal flesh (ANIMAL MEAT/MEAL) or rasorial flesh (POULTRYMEAT/MEAL) did not indicate this kind why to be planted the flesh of the animal kind cannot accept (citing, if chicken just is right choice,indicate) .

(2) the person at the head of a procession in component 2 in should contain 1 kind of complete flesh kind origin.

(3) without treated material of food of complete cereal, vegetable etc, because without treated contain in food more reach more high grade reach ferment (the means of processing points to treatment) .

High grade dog food should contain minimum (MINIMUM) :

(1) alimental odd-come-short (FOOD FRAGMENTS) , rice of the wine that be like 釀 (BREWER'S RICE) , wheat is branny (WHEAT BRAN) wait, these frumentaceous odd-come-short (also can saying is cereal by-product) because cost is low, price petty gain, a lot of cats / business of dog grain production can be in include at least one kind within solid food, with bring down cost, want careful choose and buy, should not choose contain a variety of this kind cereal by-product.

(2) the flesh kind by-product. All flesh kind if by-product serves as the word of the main protein source in dog food to be not high grade protein.

High grade dog food cannot contain absolutely:

(1) a general designation of grease or protein origin, be like animal fat. These did not indicate why to be planted the grease of the animal (should indicate to wait like gallinaceous fat, suet) .

(2) artificial antiseptic (BHA, BHT, ETHOXYQUIN) .

(3) man-made pigment.

(4) add sweet element (SWEETENERS) . Be like syrup (CORN SYRUP) , sucrose (SUCROSE) and so on, in order to adds qualitative element not the alimental mouthfeel of beautiful.

(5) third 2 alcohol (PROPYLENE GLYCOL) , a kind of toxicant is qualitative, add on food to be able to maintain alimental " wet " feeling.

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