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Of senile dog nurse

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Resemble the mankind can entering the setting sun, pet people also can turn the action into logy old man from small mischievous and lovely work, right now they like the life easy and comfortable, do not answer dog of force advanced age works, should hold to their behavior sympathize with a heart, the help once brought infinite joy to us and faithful not at survive of peace and happiness love associate.

One, anile expression
Generally speaking, dog from 7-8 year old begin occurrence ageing phenomenon, because what take care of when surroundings peace is breed, different, degree also differs somewhat. Audition ebbs, some animals can lose hearing gradually. The skin becomes dry, flabby, devoid bounce, contract skin disease easily, fur appears thin work again depilate serious, body slacken sweeny, the liquid between joint begins to do exhaust, bring send inflammation to reach unwell. Eyeball crystal becomes muddy, small show ash blue. The fur all round mouth, nose, ear bleachs or become yellow. 10 years old of the following dogs, eyesight and audition already dropped, before physical strength and constitution are inferior to greatly. Accordingly, to going up the dog dog of age should be taken care of doubly more.

2, special nurse
1, hello feed: The change of carry momentum can make of intestines digest absorb ability, and of liver, kidney filter to wait for a function to be able to change with detoxify, should notice to reduce food hardness, right amount and compensatory calcium, iron, vitamin reachs other microelement, change the food of different taste, want to offer fine nutrition to abound above all, and should chew easily, facilitating digestive food. Food wants softness or flow partly feed, crude fibre be hard to digestive feed wants little. Went up commonly the dog dog of age drops because of smell and appetite not beautiful, digestion is reduced, accordingly, should adopt what much food feeds less to raise kind, should offer water amply.
(Note: Food of abstinence and unfavorable digestive, make sure clear water furnishs. Make sure clear water furnishs..

2, brush one's teeth: Be like conditional, should bestow favor on to love brush one's teeth, the bacterium that causes via reducing gum agnail is invaded.

3, the eye nurses: Keep clear of via commonly used wet cotton overmuch mucous, the skin all round clean eye.

4, ear nurses: Examine inner ear way regularly, cleared ear candle.

5, joint nurses: The resistance of the aged dog is reduced, be afraid of already cold be afraid of heat again, fall ill very easily still. Accordingly, want to do work of sunstroke prevention of good heat preservation. Answer to notice to watch canine action more at ordinary times, discover unusually seasonable diagnosis and treatment. Arthralgia is the common fault of senile pet, if they cannot fixed activity, can massage muscle gently for it when they rest or extend joint of Qu Si limb. 6, characteristics nurses: The disposition of the aged dog also can be changed, the very static happy event that becomes lackadaisical lies, motion decreases, morpheus grow in quantity, feel very easily also tired at the same time. Accordingly, when taking the aged dog to take a walk, want to notice to prevent exhaustion. Cannot let the aged dog do complex, tall difficulty additionally movement, in case muscle pulls injury and fracture. The good habits and customs with original to the aged dog anyhow and rule do not want to throw into confusion easily.

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