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The food of the dog and feed

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Dog be not pure animal eating the meat. Eating the meat only is long bad. Generally speaking, agree with the person's nutrition agrees with mostly dog. If want to feed pet with new provision, the nutrient material that you must ensure place gives can maintain a dog healthy. Can will move vegetable protein and rice of vegetable, cooked wheaten food, paddy, cereal or other food lump, the protein that so that can assure healthy place,needs, adipose, vitamin and mineral.

Basic food- - the flesh kind can furnish with vegetable dog kind all element of needs balanced nutrition

Dogmeat: Kang of  of Piao of be addicted to of Jin hut crab complain prevent this to block divide evenly of ⒉ Huang Xi raw meat or fish of settleclear Liu of fertilizer of gun of  of Γ of have diarrhoea of 4 eggplant  rejects health the main source that macaroni of uglying? of C of Cong Chu of the  that be troubled by Tao and noodle are carbohydrate, because of insipidity,

Animal heart:

Liver:  of compose of  of  of lie of Qi of Yu of  of cochlea Jin Lu carries Kang Ting of  of level ground of  of be favored with 谹 of  of  of bad Nai of Gou of crab of  of 8 the Kingdom of Wei and B1.

Fresh and vegetable fruit: Bu of neon of Lan of bed of brandish elder brother rips Nao of ⒕ of exemplarying two of  of Yao of  of the  that retreat  to seek make an appointment with eight to return dispatch of   Suo to hook dusk of an ancient nationality in China of  of  falling into oblivion  a huge legendary turtle

Chicken:  dash forward pancreas of  of  of  of violet  of Wan of owlet Χ oneself amaranth rejects yo of Yu of  of Lu of flatter of excessive  Kang Tuo

Fish: Kang of Xuan A Chinese-style unlined garment protects shallow O of abdicate of an ancient type of spoon of male of ⌒ of benzyl of  astounded coal to feel > flinch Dian of  of Weng of  of muddleheaded pool home

Rice: Mie Mei takes chase after hang child  of know well  : Yellow snipe of show off of Xia of graph θ Jing  " show model  brown bear chooses grave of female closely question

Edibles of breakfast food corn- - breakfast eats corn edibles to add milk, can obtain rich vitamin, delicious and delicate.

Fry an egg: Tranquil  of  of  of apricot of   brandish blows  of exuviate of  of basketry cowardly at present " show neon of Yun of female hey Dong says

Maigre- - cat of unlike of dog of bean curd, mixture vegetable is pure carnivore in that way. Their abstain from eating meal is fed also can survive, because they can mix vegetable protein,adipose changeover opposes the element that body place requires into dimension. If you think your dog is complete,feed maigre, as a result of maigre and general provide all nourishment harder, it is this to must consult vet first.

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