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Dog dog bathes piece

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1. bathes to the dog regularly is a good convention, although have when you think your dog still is done not have so dirty. Do not meet oneself to bathe in the wolf of ancient moment, later generations is afraid of the smelly coquettish flavour of the dog, just helping wash. The smelly source of the dog comes from oral cavity, auditive, skin, anus. Oral cavity has calculous, periodontosis, or it is to go up enteron is unusual. When uremia, dog can have bad breath. Auditive agnail, can have effluvial; The skin is sick, also can have a stink. The gland surrounding anus of two side often is in anus when excreting, squeeze the secretion with a fishy fish incidentally, make a person intolerable. The dog because unlike mankind is same neatly dressed, the wool that what it leans is the whole body will protect, because this sebaceous glands of its Mao Ji can secrete grease, full whole body of besmear of this kind of grease, as it happens is a diaphragm that prevents person of ab extra cause of disease to invade. It is this kind of grease only what have little inherently is fishy, the modern that makes nasal cavity very allergic is intolerable.

The general rule that 2. bathes for dog dog is smelly dirty when just wash, absolutely cannot 3 days, two days wash bout, wash every day even, that meeting washs its diaphragm, although the result is clean appetizing congenial, its skin is met instead " extremely delicate " . In summer about 7 wash to 10 days, about two weeks are washed in the winter - time enough. Will help it bathe according to the dirty degree of dog dog, should be the most reasonable bathing time. The dog that the doggie before two lunar age, aged force declines, and the dog of unripe serious defect is not rinsed with water, usable lukewarm wet wet towel is wiped, or it is to use agent of dry-clean of dry-clean pink, bubble.

3. washs wool agent with dog appropriative, cannot wash hair essence with what the person uses, or it is benzine, engine oil bathes for dog dog. Wash the reluctance that send seed neuterly to be able to be used. Because the skin of the dog is to slant alkalescent (PH is worth 7.5) , the female's skin is acidity (PH is worth 5. 5) , male skin is weak acidity (PH is worth 6. 5) , instead infantile skin is neuter (PH is worth 7. 2) . Dog dog washs the choose and buy of wool essence, the dog that boards besides market is special besides the essence that wash hair, gentle person uses soap or still can choosing is the baby washs hair essence. Additional, besides wet wash besides, still can replace a dog dog male is washed, male wash apply to not quite dirty dog only. Male lotion is a kind of powder, this kind of powder is OK the grease of the excessive on purify flix, the color that lets flix is brighter, when using male the Mao Li that washs pink to scatter dog dog, reoccupy comb combs can.

Some raise advocate can send dog dog go to beauty parlour bathing regularly, but major raise advocate the love dog that can help oneself personally washs Peng Peng, helping dog dog wash Peng Peng is education emotive good method.

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