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How feed 6-7 lunar dog

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(1) food: In June age it is the period that by its body rehash has at most in canine lifetime. It is to raise the level with body length and high put oneself in another's position. Place should be abounded for alimental nutrition and comprehensive, have conclusive effect to the body of canine future. Reference uses 4~5 the food of lunar age.

(2) take a walk: Feed is medium-sized the dog of above, achieve in June age when, pull a rope to arrive to strung of the neck ring on canine belt namely outdoors undertake taking a walk. Just began to take a walk, many canine courage are small and do not wish. Hold her in the arms first go out to look for a quiet place to stay a little while, let her go next. Pass a few times so, after the habit, she is willing to leave took a walk.

Time taking a walk, morning and evening each is advisable, take a walk every time commonly time, small-sized dog 10 minutes, medium-sized dog 20~30 minute, large dog every time 1 hour can.

After nurturance habit taking a walk, the dog is met take a walk regard as a kind of fun and life place must partially. Once host has a bit slack when taking her to go out to take a walk, the likelihood causes airframe function disorder, if some dog occurrence appetite makes a noise brace up, big constipation writtens guarantee or scatter do not come out the harmful response such as make water. Accordingly, taking a dog to take a walk is master responsibility.

(3) education: June age it is the height that canine young bites a thing at random (canine calf's teeth falls off, grow permanent a tooth-like part of anything) . After, gnaw bite a habit to will alleviate.

June age fair dog occurrence oestrus, to the mankind, especially female, go adopting hand or base on Chang Pu, change lumbar arch one's back and around swings, still secrete sometimes mucous. See when having this kind of action, should check, reach attention guiding the place of other. Cannot meet place of its illicit concealed with the hand at this moment, otherwise nurturance is used to the likelihood badly.

(4) healthy: Undertake check-up every months. Go out when taking a walk, should prevent random check thing to eat cause bromatoxism. The chance that takes a walk additionally is much, the chance that contacts outside pathogeny is much also, should notice to prevent the infection of helminth, bacterium and virus. Fight easily still to be bitten with other dog sometimes or the eyewinker plunges into an injury to wait.

In June age disease of hepatitis of heat of acute communicable diseases of easy head cold, gastroenteritis, dog, infectivity and verminosis, cartilage.

The frequency that bathe but grow in quantity a few, the summer 1 week 1, age 2~3 of a month second, winter every months 1.

The feed of age dog and health management will are the same as basically in July in June age dog. Outer piece when taking a walk special attention, the age that follows a dog grows, effort also was increased, especially small haing A, often pulling a person to run when take a walk, should give correct, the attention that holds it is on your body, train as a child along with the good convention of travel.

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