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The fundamental course of working dog trains
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Fundamental course training is to use course is mixed use actually lay a foundation, foster obedient sex of the dog, direct masterly in order to make the dog is subject to better. The content that fundamental course trains is very much, train law introduction to be as follows with respect to a few commonly used course now:
(one) come round

The purpose that this one course trains is to make canine for love or money, can mix according to master gesticulation countersign, come smoothly to host left the ability that sit down. When training, call out the canine name attention with causing a dog first, issue word of command next " come " , the gesture that the right hand makes (the right hand is made the same score ahead extend, immediately nature is put down) , at the same time left hand pulls training string and recede, in order to make the dog comes round, when the dog comes to the front of host, answer to be rewarded in time, such courses train for many times, the dog can come round by countersign.

But should notice, some dogs often hear countersign or see sign and do not come, right now, master must patient, idea takes the action that all enough make a dog excited, if regressive, clap crouchs next mixing to run urgently to opposite way,wait, make a dog come round, cut cannot catch a dog with sudden action or chase after catch, can make the dog is affected otherwise. After some dogs are stimulated by new different, not only do not come, run in disorder everywhere instead. Should hold training string right now, use minatory password, the right hand makes the gesture that come round, your dog comes round, when the dog comes to the side, answer to be rewarded in time.

(2) along with row

The purpose of training is the direct with nurturance dog master basis, stand by host left the ability that advances side by side, keep afoot not not lead, backward correct pose. When training, ground of preexistence cleanness evenness, your dog swims come loose a little while, pull drawing to take with the hand, the name that call out a dog causes canine attention, issue word of command " lean " while, pull leader tape to be pulled ahead with left handgrip, advance with faster pace, walk every time not less than 100 meters. Appear when the dog lead or when lagging behind, give out instantly " lean " countersign gives correct, pull drawing to be taken 1 times, stimulate in order to perverse to the dog. To form the conditional reflex of gesticulation, usable right hand pulls good drawing to take, put some longer, when once the dog breaks away from proper place when, in give out " lean " countersign while, pat oneself left thigh with left hand, train for many times repeatedly so, can form conditional reflex. When need not pull leader tape and can going according to countersign is followed correctly when the dog, can undertake the training of the training of commutation speed, direction and more complex environment, when the dog is not executed word of command by new different stimulation, can issue minatory tonal word of command, cooperate what take with hale drawing to perverse stimulate correct.
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