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Effect a radical cure the method of bad mistake and undesirable characteristics
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The dog also can have a lot of habits and bad trouble, but the nature that the behavior that our person considers as bad mistake is it only a little and instinct, in training to the education of the dog, answer to understand somewhat to this.
See what gnaws

No matter be slipper,having some of dog is not newspaper, magazine, table, chair, anyhow is to see what bites. Actually this is dog curiosity is reflected one kind strong nevertheless. Unripe times of its ancestral be out of office relies on hunt to catch food to come down alive. Love bites all things that can discover, in all solid it is out the amuse oneself action that it seeks instinct and ravin nature.
Be in the grow permanent teeth from tooth of deciduous teeth constant when young dog period, likely also because age the root is scratchy and bite a thing to stop urticant. No matter why is out planted reason, when discovering dog chaos bites a thing, should check with hand severity instantly and give out rebuke sound, can consider to buy some of dog to bite glue or toy to wait to be gnawed for it at the same time bite.
Check when sound still when short of purpose, can hit it a few times gently in order to show physical punishment, stop to gnaw when it timely praise and honor also does not forget after biting it is a few.
When the dog lack trots along on horseback when in watching a flower, thinking not to denounce master favor oneself, likely also because abreact depressed and gnaw a thing in disorder, should meditate well by host at this moment oneself.

Lick chaos to attack in disorder

Domestic person comes back from out when, the dog often can attack affectionate, to the dog this is to show a kind of the gladdest pattern. But because this is flyblown,perhaps meet the dress of family or the person that fold an injury, avoiding a method is OK fall first when the dog is not adjacent still " crouch " countersign, next next the person is OK to dog head crouching about the same high position, touch it to say at the same time at the same time " good, good " , with stating to it oneself are very glad also.
Also can be about to attack to hold its foreleg forcibly to the extension forward hand in the bosom when the dog, perhaps step on the ungual ministry of its the rear foot gently. These are the sensitive parts that the dog produces keenly feel the most easily, after can letting a dog remember consequently, do not want again stick like a limpet.

Love attacks toward person be troubled by

This also is a kind of means with dog affectionate show, but when there is a child in husband cause the child easily accordingly by claw or fall, if want to let the child and dog build feeling, can be in when having adult field, let the child stretch one's hand touch dog body, give out softly again when the dog should attack to fight noisely " wait " countersign tries to check. After calamity appearance relapses several times, when can letting a dog learn to touch it when the child, do not move darlingly.
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