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How to help a dog overcome craven psychology
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We for conquer dog the psychological repercussion that constant Wei fears, must teach dawn the dog face many somes of new environment, and constant change is spatio-temporal, can make 牠 raises hope, can handle different case. Want like the dog " experienced and knowledgeable " , will enlarge the experience network of 牠 with much contact. Do not let a dog over- at dissocial or seem to be kept apart with outer room world like. Dog advocate should not be right daily dog too wordy, great or more unfavorable requirement is careless face about pulling 牠 goes. You should be patted pat 牠 , give 牠 hope, affirm afresh all around safe. Dog must face everything, when seeing sealed or strange thing later otherwise, accept hard, also won't be used to deal with with dispassionate mood, and those who show is alarmed. Every arrive to manage new place, cannot let a dog right-about-face and want to leave, forbid 牠 to be pulled energetically take away avoid. Just contrary, you must taut dog belt, rise superior to. When 牠 when keep one's hair on, you call 讚 牠 with the mood with some madder boast. Can give 牠 many somes of time so inspect the condition all around, understand to be worth to dread without what actually; That can teach 牠 to deal with faces new environment alone in the future.

Host has heart of endurance, 恆 and love, also have cultural word, dog suffer training easily, the mood is stabilized and composed. The major dog reaction to Wu Huan condition, be first the appearance of 鑑 host, do master color. So, otherwise lets a dog break estrangement Jing blueness unbearably, make a dog advocate want him aplomb first, decide accurate, have hope, place change not Jing. Say for example, some females are afraid of thundery lightning, meeting in an uproar bleats; So, raises dog sure also be afraid of thundery lightning. Host is half-hearted, be afraid of getting into trouble, suspicious to stranger, wait cringingly to new environment; Dog the defect that is used to these mentally jointly with appearance.

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