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In amuse oneself training loves a dog
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Stimulation searchs in amuse oneself
Play a few good game with your dog, in order to promote the growth of its body and cerebra. The nature of the dog is very alert, devoid activity can bring about it to get cheesed disease, and the dog with a listless spirit is very dangerous. Even if the simplest game also can attend the connection between you and doggie, and carry game, the leadership that still can strengthen you is authoritative.
How to make full use of toy

After you and doggie end game, remember wanting to had controlled game appliance. Such doggies can understand these things belong to host very quickly, it can play these toys to must pass your permission.

Balloon game

These dogs are hopping to the top of one's bent angle balloon, although the balloon cannot be captured actually, but however can yet be regarded as understands what doggie resource reacts to examine.

Comprehend person and dog

On the ave that goes in city blatant, can discover head on and the person that pass each circumstances or style of departure is hasty, the face does not have expression; Pass in and out in every office, can see work in the same placing are carrying 7 colour mask completely decent mutual dinner party, and heart however cloak is gotten leakproof; Live in the rhythm that high speed runs, can feel body and mind is tired out indeed sometimes, the heart is lonely; In wanting to look for an intimate to recount a heart really now and then depressed, open wide damp heart door leaf, but the inhospitality with city peculiar place already made friend and sincerity become fokelore, today's the star that we are a loneliness in city sky nevertheless.

I am in lonely when chose a network, chose the one party scope of activity of forum. "Why to think of to raise a dog when are you lonely? " there is a friend to ever had asked me so on the net, said a lot of the profit that raises a dog and experience...

"Every has raised the person of the dog to be able to have such experience, through certain training, the dog can understand master word, it is very understanding, can give master feeling from the fine place feeling of bearing the way one speaks or what he says of the person. Through the dog of special training, the range that communicates with the person will be wider, can master a lot of special skill, intelligence can amount to the 6 levels to 7 years old of children.

The dog is so lovely, why don't you hold a doggie in the arms to come home? The family member can be bestowed favor on confoundedly for certain, resembled adding a child, you are fond of me to be fond of a family. The mood in the home is different also, the cold and cheerless former days is mixed ardently lively replace, everybody is permeated with a smile on the face, because crack with teeth in mouth of crack with teeth in mouth touchs the domestic trivial matters that touch to be done so that have,nod inflexible relation bate at ordinary times, on the problem of treasure of pet the stone of a dog's gall bladder virtually reached unprecedented tacit agreement. In connecting air, appearing warmth and auspicious.
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