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Canine attune teachs
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The command ★ that ★ uses
The toilet on ※

Use encouragement parlance, but do not want make public and make it excited.

→ → gets the dog the first day when come home from you, live in wholesome problem to come however with respect to quiet. After take food or playing, before leaving it to be in alone, take a dog to arrive wholesome area, it can go up toilet, make you have an opportunity to praise it, help its command you and on the behavior of the toilet is contacted together.

§ № 1. The wholesome area of the dog is dirty tray normally, tray places the position that approaching an entrance to manage at Qing Dynasty with benefit. Once your dog has the signal that should excrete, be like mad smell or circlet revolve, immediately the dog? Person tray or the word that have time there's still time, hold it in the arms go out.

§ № 2. Wait after be familiar with, move tray gradually outdoor, sheet should make sure the dog can be found. If the door shut, think of to open the door first when tray when the dog. After opening the door, apply your " on toilet " , and signal its are in to tray. Depend on when the dog when make and be being done praise it in time, repeat an order.

§ № 3. Move tray outwards gradually, want to let the place that it excretes to you all the time. Depend on successfully you think piddle in the dog first or tray moves before defecate. The toilet on training dog needs patience and perseverance, but the dog that trains you quickly also does not need to pay a lot of.

◎ trains the skill of the toilet on it

The choice of wholesome area material depends on young dog sleeps on the side sundry area material is qualitative. Need when you pick a dog to it is clear to raise a personage to ask this. If it uses paper quality to sleep,provide, so your dog can want to go up character in other material more excrete. You do not lose the monitoring of line of sight to the dog. If let it be in alone, want to be its limitation inside particular area. Mix at collecting with benefit so the excrement and urine of cleared dog, reduce the possibility that young dog eats his excrement and urine and affects circularly. Often clear in time its excrement and urine, the allergy sentiment that arouses a dog more easily in public dog contamination without what comparing.

☆ actor

Your love dog is returned by day no matter is night is not excreted in house, to outdoors appoint a place to go to the lavatory.

△ is passing

Do not excrete inside house by day, be in however outside house inside tray or excrete on paper. But night is met now and then indoors a certain corner is convenient.

○ fails

Often excrete indoors, less than designation wholesome area is convenient.

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