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How can just let a dog do not eat off the food on the road
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When the dog is taking a walk, the food that goes up in the road to dropping is interested in constant regular meeting, still can eat off it sometimes. But, these food often decay or it is poisonous thing. Accordingly, the love dog that must not let you gathers the food that eats a road to go up.
Once notice the dog means the thing on the road that eat off, should tighten up leather belt immediately (the effect of metallic chain is better) , pat the nose that makes a dog gently, let it get some of lesson, it can collect a thing to eat no longer after. Nevertheless, perhaps be taught a lesson and can not get effective, want to relapse for many times, the dog just can remember: Want to collect the thing on the road to eat only, can take a beating. Then, see the food that falls on the ground again, the dog can not grant pay attention to

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