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Of example dog series
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One, the purpose with purpose cautionary training is education dog surveillant to cautionary rigor, discover sound, light and personnel activity circumstance in time, the ability that comes out with particular movement reaction. This one course can be used at looking after the house to protect a courtyard, guard pound, orchard, storehouse.

2, countersign " notice " , "Static " .

3, forefinger of gesticulation right hand points to cautionary direction.

4, training method and measure alert cent tie type, activity formula for watch type, fasten 3 kinds.

Watch mood is cautionary

The choice is compared quiet and the environment that the nature such as tree or brushwood concealments. Affirmatory dog advocate the place that concealments severally with the member that aid train, the signal of connection and the method of the member that aid train and course. When beginning to train, had better be in crepuscular or dusk undertakes. Dog advocate after waiting for the member that aid train to concealment, pull a dog to enter booked cautionary place to concealment rise, your dog faces cautionary direction to sit or lie; Dog advocate should take low posture, with left hand handholding drawing is taken, the right hand points to the place that the member that aid train concealments, give out in a low voice " attention " countersign, wait for the member that train is aided with respect to the directive after the dog is quiet to begin the operation. Right now, the member that aid train gives out a few clarity from shadow above all but the sound of differentiate, in order to cause canine attention, next according to book a course, gently to the dog advocate direction is mobile, from time to time stops, from time to time is ongoing, intermittent ground gives out the froufrou when ambulating; Dog advocate also subsequently intermittent ground is given out to the dog " attention " countersign, notice to observe the dog is right the response that place of the member that aid train issues acoustics. If the dog has perpendicular side fine listen, explore body, back body, when carrying the expression such as Mao Shuli on the back, should give stroke take award. When the member that should aid train gives out noise, the dog is given out bark sound, dog advocate should use pull the method that plays drawing tape and hair exit to make " static " , make a dog quiet to come down. Be in when necessary, usable " blame " belt of countersign hale drawing, make a dog quiet to come down.

Except use drawing belt and password " blame " outside serving as the method that checks the yip cries, return mouth of usable hand handholding dog, make its shut; Dog advocate like doing the method that these movements must bring with jerk drawing, countersign " blame " and " attention " each other union rises use.

The effect that checks the yip cries, rely on the quality of each main subject training greatly. The training of these course is firm more, check the yip cries, the ability that makes the dog reachs canine body to just extend this kind of breathed bulletin ahead to exciter with setting upright ear give a warning heals to be formed easily. The member that should aid train walks along cautionary position to make an appointment with 30M less than, dog advocate give out to the member that aid train instantly " stop " countersign, wen Lingying of the member that aid train escapes instantly, dog advocate criterion immediately vertical dog is chased after attack, bite the member that aid train to capture through attacking detain goes.
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