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Dog dog petty action trains
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Training dog holds a thing:
(1) training holds handle to leave with the mouth, training dog holds the position that holds.

(2) learn obedience general dog can the thing that number must rise, show before the bazoo of the dog go out and command " hold " , if the dog does not wish to hold, can knock at the labrum ministry of the dog with the thing that is held, command it is held.

(3) oppose if the dog was held,praise be about to praise, usable two tactics is pressing dog mouth, hold the position that holds. The dog would rather make this kind of game that holds a thing very much, host can set the thing that is held in the dog before, command it " hold " , the dog is held wait a little while a bit, command " good " , "Loose " get off thing, praise. What put the thing possibly still additionally is a bit further, repeat this kind of training. Relapse for many times the dog can comply with master training, finish hold a thing this one movement. Host can give a dog the thing that it liked to eat

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