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Train countersign basically (in - heart - flower)
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Accord with of training project sound (add German countersign) inspect accord with

Crural side companion goes (along with row) accordingly (Fuss) putt left thigh

Stop sit sit (Setz) / (Sit) raise right hand upgrade L

Fu Wo lies (Platz) / (Drop) curves right ancon to approach canine head, again perpendicular put down

Rest lull (Legen) indicate the ground with right hand forefinger, when canine dog days lies, indicate immediately ever since human body makes its pour the waist side

Wait to decide (Steh) , wait (Warten) / (when Stay) blocks the rhinioscope ministry teleindication in the dog with right hand palm, raise the right hand check in order to show
Sitting to wait for Sit Stay
Bending over to wait for Down Stay

Take take (Bring Hier) demonstrative article

Ongoing advancement (Voran, vorans) the hand points to ahead, after Yu Er of right hand ancon bending at the same time when giving out acoustical accord with, extend quickly to ahead with tall

Hold taking (Bring, nimm)

Put next putting down (Ans)

Bark cry (Glib Laut)

Leap jumps (Hopp) the station is on the right side of the obstacle half place, the right hand from raise toward right inclined upper part near left thigh

Be no good be no good (Nein) / (No)

Call come (Hier) / (Come) reachs the right hand ahead to speak

Search search (Rever) , search (Such) accord with of phonate of hair of right finger ground

Go (Voraus) / (Go) right hand indicates direction

Attack is atttacked (Fassen) demonstrative target
Disband Free
Do not touch Leave It

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