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Dog dog trains 8 action (below)
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6, training doggie [walk over] -- training dog go toward you when you call it, it is an important behavior training.
The measure below can let a dog immediately society:
1.Want a doggie to sit down.
2.In the future removes one condition.
3.Say to the doggie [come] .
4.Put award below your foot, and affirmatory dog see award.
5.The doggie should be met right now rise, want to take prize.
6.Before the mouth of the doggie comes up against award, say to it [very good] .
7.Successive lengthens a doggie to sit write immobile time, reach the distance between award and doggie.
8.Try say to the doggie in the circumstance beyond training [come] .

7, how to apply punishment -- when training a doggie, you must be built [punishment is in order to corrects impropriety action] idea.
Came a few years in the past, [punishment] became a contraindication almost. Very the person thinks punishment is cruel by accident more, it is useless training tool even. In fact, the means that punishment should use only and turn are right, application is prohibiting the doggie does some when behavior, it is quite effective. Traditional punishment, be in normally dog err very long hind, just follow raise advocate the mood applies at will. A variety of this vintage punishment way say with its is training, still be inferior to saying is to retaliating a dog not obedient. The person that the means that complete front rewards will come to train a doggie is quite respected admittedly, but know proper use use to punish, the person that reachs training goal is more exiguous.
Below the depressed condition that won'ts do in training, most raise advocate the condemnatory means with meeting vintage resort, if make a dog a `spanking. Acid is, although social conduct already transformed, everybody already used conventional condemnatory means no longer, but the case that mishandles an animal has however add without decrease. Want to do away with this kind of contradiction, have to ponder over us to be opposite afresh [punishment] what adopt held moral view, and how to use this one powerful training tool correctly. We think normally, the person with exalted morality, it is painful to won't bring to bear on absolutely go up at oneself doggie body. But this one argument is in theoretic it is very good, be in actually impossible however. See vet in order to bring a puppy make case: We let vet give or take an injection for the doggie, exsanguinate, cloddish feel feel; When the doggie is quite big, want it possibly even to endure on one knife, become ligation operation. If we still hold to [it is painful to do not let a doggie get] , that is really a kind goody.
We can let a dog for the reason on health uncomfortable painful even; The demand that is not willing to go up to train however will punish a doggie. Want to change this kind of bias, we must revise our moral view, should with [incorrect dog causes harm] for the principle, and rather than is goody hold to [incorrect dog cause anguish] .
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