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Training dog nurturance is time have the habit that feed
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Some families raise a dog, like to give a dog a bowl of food every morning, the dog eats eat stop, want when to eat to go. Such doing very not wholesome, especially summer, what put as a result of food is too long easy metamorphism, lane is bad to can bring about canine diarrhoea to fall ill. In principle, should make canine nurturance time have the habit that feed. No matter be,be two eat everyday, had better feed in fixed time feed, the food that feeds a dog to eat should be mensurable, cannot put too for a long time before the dog time, best can let a dog be in 10-15 eats inside minute. After the dog eats to leave food basin quite, although food has not eaten, also want feed a basin to take away. Such, as time passes, the dog arrives to be denounced with respect to meeting nurturance time feed, have the habit that feed in time. Such doing, already sanitation goes to the lavatory again raise management.

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