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Dog dog trains 8 action (on)
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One, excrete training -- must begin the earliest, also be however most the training that gets dispute, train a doggie to arrive outside house namely excrete.
Excrete training to apply the front to strengthen content just about, namely the best opportunity of award of all sorts of food, toy. Besides do in pet award gives when be opposite, outside enhancing this action, another recipe is prescient pet excrete time. Dog can taking a walk normally, have a thing, after drinking water or amuse oneself, perhaps do not take care in you beware of when excrete, if want to make training effective, have to observe a dog carefully take food, drink regimen form, and install a place of safety, namely the place that dog dog won't excrete here absolutely. Optimal place of safety, it is the nest of the dog. If there is dog basket in the home, that lets a doggie be in as far as possible bathroom or it is the solution in washhouse.

2, the obedient sex of the doggie -- the obedience that applies a doggie, it is an interesting topic.
The doggie is thought to should arrive after 6 months are big normally, just can begin to train formally. But a lot of doggies often are before 6 months are big, learned a few bad behavior. Be thought to do not have law study only good gracious sit write immobile doggie, can learn to bite each shoe that it looks for bad however, perhaps jump to the body of every guest. Think the doggie learns so that meet only by accident [bad] behavior, learn however won't [good] behavior, be kind of germ that contradiction resembles now. Settlement way depends on analysing the method that teachs a doggie thoroughly, and do not depend on suspecting doggie study ability. On the tradition, the means that trains a dog is forcing a dog centrally [obedient] . Although [force] it is the effective tool that punishs serious misfeasance, the way that but use,forces. Consider the action that makes dog study new, it is so good that the effect can be done not have. This kind of forced way, do not divide ground of stand or fall easily to inhibit all action, is bad not merely; Force too early to a dog too much training, cause training failure possibly instead. Want to avoid this kind of state, should center mental efforts in the means that uses openly award, train correct behavior to go up.

3, new tool -- when everybody knows to train a dog, should one understands tell a dog [not OK! ] question mark.
In fact, in the dog do when be opposite, a complimentary dog [really good] question mark also is likewise significant. If do not have mark of such a question, be equal to force dog with [guess] , guess that kind of behavior can receive award. This kind tries wrong way, in the dog guess not carefully before be opposite, get on the flower a lot of time, and did not reward in the process that trying. Want: Already award of it doesn't matter, want a flower to try ability for long to succeed again; Doggie nature abandons learning with respect to the choice, maintain from now on even [study] the loss outweights the gain. Simple [very good] question mark, can make a doggie rapid decide he is done was opposite, also make it feels Yao cannot not reach award; Natural, the doggie also can prefer to learn.
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