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Tone teachs in the right way: Training dog is obedient
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The dog does not know the word that the person says, do not understand the meaning of every word, but very sensitive to the person's mood and gesticulation. Accordingly, when training dog is obedient, must use firm tone and the act that cooperate a hand, be like the dog that raises in the home, the somebody outside hearing the door when the activity with respect to bark furiously, this is behavior of a kind of clodhopping not only, and also affect family to rest. Answer to use the mouth of hand enclasp dog instantly right now, use very positive tone at the same time, shake one's head say " be no good " , after training through several, it can understand such bark furiously are incorrect. Some dogs advocate doting dog, do not adopt firm tone to try to correct to this kind of circumstance, stroke a dog with handle gently instead, soft tone says " not so mischievous " , such making that the dog is misunderstood easily encouraging it for host. No matter be,prohibit, must undertake on the spot, otherwise time passes and the situation has changed, the result that receives less than anticipation.

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