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Man loves dog-breeding over the wall to feed its own Pirates of the Tibetan ma
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A man eye on someone at home after the Tibetan mastiff, over the wall trying to steal for home support, and the results it brought to light, leading criminal punishment. Recently, Longshan county court sentenced the defendant Hwang theft 3 years imprisonment, suspended for 3 years and Fined 14,000 yuan. 23-year-old Huang is a disabled person, but also a dog lover. This year at 18:00 on February 28, Hwang street from the Longshan County Office of Civil passing a resident family, found that domestic residents have a Mastiff . Hwang years of dog, the dog is well aware of the value and characteristics. He knew the value of the high Tibetan mastiff, and character is very loyal, the dog in the boutique. Hwang ever more like it, then have to steal the Mastiff their feeding Ideas. That night around 8 pm, Hwang took one from his own house ladder to the homes of local residents, the use of the word ladder over the wall admitted stealing the dog, the Tibetan at home feeding. Familiar with the habits of the dog because the whole process, the Tibetan Mastiff in Hwang's "reprimand" issued under the bark is neither sound nor attack people. After the incident, the public security organs in the March 2 will be recovered and returned to the owner of the dog, identified in the Department of the Spanish Canary mastiff dog, valued at 14,000 yuan. Longshan County Court after hearing that the accused Hwang of illegal possession for the purpose of the secret theft of property of others, a relatively large amount, its actions constituted theft. But after the incident, the public security organs have been recovered stolen items and return Owner, the defendant's conduct made the owner of the understanding, and a good attitude after the accused to justice, do show repentance, and do not further harm to society, the Court then the above verdict.
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