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The breed of lactation young dog and raise
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The young dog of lactation, the body is frailer, be like inanition, ambient conditions is unhealthy, cause disease and death very easily. Accordingly, except do well outside lactation, strengthening day-to-day management is very important. Produce jian hou mian 4 days, host wants what often look carefully at mother dog to have deny dog of the young that press an injury and sucking circumstance.

After 5 days, the fine day that can use bright sunshine and gentle breeze is angry, hold young dog in the arms outdoor bask together with mother dog, general everyday two, every time half hours or so make its achieve breathing fresh air; Use the ultraviolet ray in sunshine, kill the bacterium on young dog body; Development of the skeleton when hurried, prevent the happening of bone soft disease. When young dog can walk, can put outdoor go, begin time to want short, lengthen gradually later.

13 days or so, young dog square can goggle, want to avoid strong light stimulus at this moment, lest injure an eye.

After 20 days, encounter sunny weather, can let mother dog taking young dog to be inside the courtyard activity, time is not restricted, to in the evening or day of overcast and rainy is moved into delivery room again inside; If young dog is drenched by rain wet, want to be wiped with dry towel immediately, inside replace nest, notice heat preservation, prevent on cold.

20 days of or so dogs giving a son repair toenail 1 times, lest be when lactation the breast of claw mother dog.

30 climate, with bug of drive bug only drive, later every months 1. On young dog body stick contamination easily, earlier mother dog but at any time take out, but later without giving thought to, need host often undertakes to young dog mop is mixed brushing bathe, 2, 3 days 1, in order to maintain the cleanness of the body. Anyhow, lactation young dog raises management to want to accomplish: Nutrition is enough, assure Morpheus, proper activity, do well wholesome.

Cherish young age dog

Young age dog is the Lesser Dog before pointing to to after ablactationing, mature to the gender, young dog disposition is lively, good move corrupt play, but the capacity that still does not have independent life, so, very big to master dependence, in raise grown dog is different from on management, should notice with a few respects:

(One) of new environment suit

The nest can be divided after young dog ablactations. At this moment young dog is bred by support mother complete independence lives, surroundings produces very big change, after together with is adopted, come to a completely not close environment, it is very important one step.

After young dog comes to new environment, constant because of be fear of spirit is high-strung, any bigger noise and animal make its are scared possibly, accordingly, should avoid loud and Bacchic, cannot stem from curious and much person to surround more view, make fun of. Had better put its the dog to abandon directly or had arranged rest place indoors, it is close to again after getting used to period of time. The best opportunity that is close to a dog is to feed when feeding, before can promote food young dog at the same time at this moment, treat it with moderate tone at the same time, also can touch its softly by wool. Feeds food should be the thing that the dog likes to eat particularly, be like the flesh and bone first class. If it is walked out of,ambulate freely indoors, express preliminary already get used to new environment. Additional, raise young dog must from noticing two things at the beginning: The fixed place that is training dog sleeps, 2 it is to train a dog to be in fixed ground to nod relieve oneself. The dog has a kind of such habits, after coming to new environment namely, the place that has slept to become aware for the first time, think the safest. Sleep to be able to come to this place every night later, and absolutely not exceed thunder pool one pace. Accordingly, when sleeping the first day night, must close in the dog to abandon or indoor appoint the place that sleep, although grow up,the dog also is such. After several days, come down surely with respect to meeting solid, if now and then discover it sleeps in other place, be about to hold its in the arms an original place.
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