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The rut of dog dog
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The sex of big, medium-sized dog is budding period, it is postnatal about 8 to 12 months, small-sized dog growth is rapidder, the period with its budding sex is postnatal about 7 to 10 months.

In a year the dog has rut twice normally, what plant because of the dog is different, the rut of the dog may have the one difference to two months, it is rut with 6 months commonly. Alleged oestrus, the vulva that is mother dog bleeds, hold a position that can receive fair dog at any time. Rut is fast when be close to, can appear the following features:

1. its appetite is compared soar at ordinary times.

2. fur is compared previously luster.

3. micturition frequency is compared previously grow in quantity.

4. sexual organ congests, secrete exuberant.

5. often licks his vulva. When vulva strut has haemorrhage, pass 10 days about, the color of haemorrhage can become weak gradually, strut also can disappear subsequently.

Confirm the haemorrhage day with mother first dog, so that decide in the future copulatory appropriate period. This also is a standard, raise advocate not allow to ignore, and should make good record.

The dog with nutrient good position namely healthy dog, general meeting has the oestrus cycle of regular pattern. Oestrus is silent period it is the period with quiet oestrus, namely the secretion of oestrus later period reduces down to dead stop, won't have haemorrhage phenomenon and mucus thing again. This paragraph during the requirement that because the dog is planted,meets differs and differ somewhat, usually small-sized dog lasts about the four boundaries of a piece of land or a construction site 6 months, large dog lasts 6 to 8 months.

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