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Postpartum clean vulva to prevent postpartum infection
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Between mother dog childbirth and puerperium, its reproductive organ can produce acuteness change, produce damage of mucous membrane surface layer, cervix opens business, the stockpile inside the uterus is many lochia, ceaseless pour out of from the vagina, about 7 ~ 14 days, ability is discharged clean, this inbreaks microbially for cause of disease and breed created advantageous condition. During this, can give motherwort of mother dog profess to convinced extract, or flesh notes motherwort injection, in order to promote lochia eduction and uterine systole.

1, the inject after childbirth is over shrinks Gong Su, but hemostatic, contractive uterus, stimulate the secretion of milk, and want successive antibiotic of 3 days of inject.

2, should use Er of clean Er shade, Xin Jie to destroy everyday fluid or it is to use lukewarm brine to clean vulva 1 ~ 2, disappear to lochia all the time can. Meanwhile, do well even the sanitation of canine bed, in order to prevent the pollution that midge fly brings.

3, about 30 days (full moon) if still have,pour out of lochia and hematic water to need treatment so from the vagina, want fluid of inject of ethylamine of inject phenolic sulphur (with hemostatic quick) , hemostatic still have rinse an uterus.

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