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The development schedule of rich beautiful dog
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Young dog from be born in, because the body is frail, hungry, deaf blind, be afraid of chill, press injury, action to fall ill not agile, resistance difference, easily, mortality is tall, should strengthen so after be born inside 3 days nurse, it is the first when want to raise young dog decisive period. The foundation that spurs growth of young dog health is to let young dog obtain enough mother milk.

The requirement of newborn young dog to environmental temperature: Heat preservation (a week 32 ℃ of 29 ~ , 29 ℃ of the 2nd week of 26 ~ , the 3rd week, 26 ℃ of 23 ~ , all around 23 ℃ ) . Prevent pressing is the basiccest measure that raises young dog. The love dog that lets you eats good colostrum, let puny person eat on the tit with much milk (there are two pairs of tits after mother dog) , let hale young dog eat the tit with the little milk in front first, fill again next eat the tit from the back. The matter that such doing is to let same nest dog grow equably to agree, appear in order to prevent overmatch is stronger, the weak is weaker, the person that bring about thin and small finally gives birth to the phenomenon that die in one's bed dies. Mother dog can be used up in the physical strength in the process of childbirth very big, the body is frailer, because this had better be the first day,undertake assisting lactation artificially.

One, development schedule of the dog

    whole body is born first ruddy, undercoat, double eye lock, auditive adhesion, ear, nose, mouth, tiptoe is crimson color;
Temperature of   of 1 day of   about in 36 ℃ , breath is 15 times / cent, pulse is 160 times about / cent, heat preservation 30 ℃ , artificial lactation is counted second;
Umbilical cord of 3 days of   begins 2 ~ fall off;

Heat preservation of 7 days of   is in 26 ℃ ;
Temperature of   of 10 days of   is 37.5 ℃ about, breath is made an appointment with 25 times / cent, pulse is made an appointment with 200 times / cent;
13 days of eyes begin 11 ~ open;

20 ~ begin 22 days to stand toddle, deciduous teeth begins to grow;
30 days of temperature are in 38 ℃ , breath is 25 times / cent, pulse is 180 times / cent, heat preservation 23 ℃ .


After childbirth 2, the colostrum juice inside 3 days is stiffer stick, colour and lustre is white, but contain many inorganic qualitative, protein all sorts of nutrition is galactic say for colostrum. Colostrum contains what come by the mother's body the antibody material of all sorts of immunity, can prevent young dog to produce a disease, especially canine acute communicable diseases heats up immune antibody (R - Globulin) , this help to young dog is very big, ought to let each young dog as far as possible can absorb arrives colostrum.

Platoon breast is undesirable

If mother dog kitten when, although mother dog excretive breeds the capacity is very much, the breast also expands, but galactic eduction situation is not very good however, because suck,young dog is met be less than a mother to breed and all the time bite into tit is not put, ought to apply to the breast at this moment massage, in order to promotes a breast. Massage method is to use tepid towel to stick a breast to use the paw next gently knead is controlled 5 minutes, final handholding breast, have pressurization milk to the tit. This kind is massaged want several times everyday, arrive all the time till galactic eduction free is suitable.
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