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Oestrus of rich beautiful dog is augural
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1, oestrus is augural

When your rich beauty the dog arrived 8 to in September age when, be blossommed gradually by wool, framework becomes perfect gradually, wool is qualitative also gradually shining, plump, energetic, already had the attractive charm like becoming a dog. Right now it already gradually mature, genital official is basically full-fledged also. Had been OK raise up seed.

Fair dog is normally in 10 ~ between 12 months, if growth is normal, and wool quantity is very rich and generous already, can begin to learn hybridization so. Should search to had been borne only above all, disposition compares gentle oestrus mother dog, should be in artificial additional under the circumstance, let it begin to try match, a year old before every month can try only deserve to arrive 2 times, after a year old but proper addition arrives twice, in it a year old half hind OK and normal use, but cannot make it frequent and copulatory quite, otherwise if the wool of fair dog is measured and wool also can get character bigger impact, accelerated anile rate thereby, rich beautiful dog is to belong to small-sized dog, because this is in copulatory when, had better be with be being assisted artificially.

Of mother dog the first time oestrus, what still have the factor such as food because of local environment and climate is different, oestrus is about in 8 ~ between 11 months, after this wants 4 ~ every time 6 months oestrus. It is to be in normally spring, autumn two seasonal be in heat are more, first oestrus, it already had 10 months above and if weight exceeds 1.5 kilograms again, can use breed; If its weight is in 1.5 kilograms under and age not full 10 months so unfavorable use breed; Can consider next time when oestrus, have observation again, if weight still is less than 1.5 kilograms, should not be progenitive. Make its prematurely progenitive can affect its growth, and be pregnant rate is low, bodily form is too small, difficult yield also is met very tall.

One, oestrus is augural

1, if be the mother dog that has produced a young animal, arrive with respect to chairman in the wool when 4 months about 3 ~ are 4 inches long, mao Zhifei Chang Guangliang, gain weight, and the movement that imitates fair dog via regular meeting.

2, micturition frequency begins increase (and the amount is not large) , and the dog that likes other.

3, like to bark, the move is unusual, disposition is more eccentric, like to be close to fair dog.

4, the vulva can have little change, tit to begin to increase, for pink.

If your love dog appears afore-mentioned circumstance, so show it is about oestrus.

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