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To Bo Meiyou the dog ablactations
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The dog of the mammary gland development of rich beautiful dog and other should be differred than rising a lot of, after 30 days, the nutrient density that breeds because of the mother is very low, and young dog grows the rate of development is very rapid, some mother dogs at this moment galactic nutrition has oned the edge of exhaustion, because this is to be in 20 days or so to fill commonly,feed, 30 ~ ablactation 35 days more appropriate.

1, ablactation one-timely law:

If went to those who book to ablactation period, part young dog and mother dog one-timely. This kind of method decisive, save trouble, but defect is very much, adverse to Lesser Dog and mother dog, normally the circumstance falls to be not used. Because use this law to ablactation, environment and food are changed suddenly, cause the indigestion of Lesser Dog very easily, in order to cause a disease; Young dog, mother dog is unaccustomed, what can behave is irritating, can bark even; Galactic much mother dog is incidental the breast is phlogistic wait.

2, ablactation group by group law:

Be the size according to young dog body, constitution is strong undertake ablactationing group by group thereby infirmly. Individual bigger, body wants lustily to be broken first, what should make constitution puny is much eat mother milk a few days. The defect of this kind of method is mother dog use up should a few bigger, ablactationing time procrastinates very longly, the labor force of expenditure is larger.

3, ablactation gradually law

So called ablactation gradually the law is drop off everyday the frequency of lactation. A few days before ablactation, raise Lesser Dog and mother dog departure (it is normally leave young dog in former dog to abandon, prevent Lesser Dog to because environmental change suffers stimulation thereby,be met) , wait for interval young dog puts mother dog again after period of time group in let its lactation, should eat a grandma to part them again later. The frequency that drop off nurses, and the feed that raises young dog gradually, invite their parent by day child apart, arrive one case again in the evening. Arrive to stop completely all the time till breast. Because suffer the abrupt stimulation that ablactations to be caused thereby,this law can avoid young dog and mother dog, advantageous to mother son, it is a kind of safer method, but its defect is a bit more troublesome, above ablactations 3 kinds the method is best is to ablactation gradually law.

4, after ablactationing, young dog is in every time after eat, the nutrition that feeds 0.5 ~ 0.8cm to grow creams, nutrition creams England and United States are produced, england produces what I use, its contain rich vitamin and nutrition, and Lesser Dog is special love to eat, won't affect its normal appetite. French nutrition creams contain B12 of vitaminic E, vitaminic D, vitaminic A, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, vitamin, iron and calcium to wait.
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