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Give young dog drive bug
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The dog that has a lot of is mixed inside body only helminth may be contained outside body, it can browbeat directly 2 ~ in March age young dog life, the sort of helminth is various, for example: Ascarid disease: Because lion ascarid and canine ascarid parasitism are caused thereby in the small intestine at the dog and stomach,canine ascarid disease is. Basically be bigger to the harm of young dog, the growth that can affect young dog development, ill dog death can be caused even when be being affected badly. Especially the young dog of 3 months affects 1 ~ the most easily.

Symptom: After the dog contracts ascarid disease, stunt, exceeding angular, the abdominal meeting expand of young dog.

Drive bug time: 25 days of ~ 30 days of profess to convinced: Of the entrance inside bug escapes (do obeisance to ear) , every 10 kilograms, every use 1/6 ~ 1/8 only. Of other for instance bug of steam Ba Du, pet health, Zun Xuanmi Zun, Aisikadan, fight squirm quick.

Ball bug:

Ball bug is parasitism commonly at small intestine, the parasitism that also has a few at caecum, if catch ball bug,cause haemorrhage sex enteritis very easily. Because the dog picks the food that eats infection to have bag of ball bug egg, water, sandy soil affect thereby. If infection is serious and remedial effect is poor, young dog mortality is met very tall. What in last few years Chengdu area brings about a dog because of ball bug disease to die is very much.

Ball bug pathology: Earlier dog spirit and appetite are very good, but there is a bit blood after defecate was over, can issue blood of black of dysentery, black very quickly, and have a kind of fishy smell.

1, go to pet hospital asking a doctor to give it treatment.

2, should appear after blood, should take ball bug clean icing instantly piece, 100 balls essence.

Anthelmintic: 100 balls are clear (the production that do obeisance to ear)

Get used to disease: Administer ball bug drug. In order to be used at disease of bug of ball of chicken of prevention and cure; Harm moxa beauty is ear ball bug, for instance giant Ai Meier of family name of bug of Ai Meier ball, cloth ball bug, chicken is tender bug of ball of ear of bug of Ai Meier ball, caboodle moxa beauty.

Usage dosage: Lesser Dog (2 ~ in March age) 1ml of 0.5ml; grown dog, morning and evening wants each, successive two days.

Ball bug clean candy piece:

Utility: Disease of canine ball bug, issue dysentery blood dysentery.

Usage dosage: 1 ~ 2 kilograms, morning and evening each, take 3 days continuously, two kinds of medicine of above will be first-rate to ball bug ill effect.

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