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The be fertilized of rich beautiful dog
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After fair dog and mother dog are copulatory, spermatozoon enters ovum, spermatozoon and ovum photograph are united in wedlock, form new form zygote thereby, say for be fertilized. Be fertilized is ovum and the complex reproductive course that spermatozoon is united in wedlock and produce.

Dog every time oestrus is OK eduction arrives several times tens of ovum, the ovum of eduction 89% can be fertilized and gravid. The age and bodily form can affect the oviposit of mother dog, the oviposit number of general and large dog is much, the oviposit number of small-sized dog is little, young dog is little, the dog that nears old age also can decrease. The oviposit of young mother dog and photograph of senile mother dog are slower than summary. Ovum can survive normally in oviduct 4 ~ 8 days, maintain be fertilized force to be able to arrive 96 hours after oviposit. Ovum is in 2 days after oviposit, move to go up tubally 1/3, 3 days after oviposit, move to the 1/3 in oviduct, the 4 ~ after oviposit 8 days, move to the 1/3 below oviduct.

Canine spermatozoon arrives at oviduct is 15 minutes (fast person after ejaculation 30 seconds can amount to be fertilized place) . Spermatozoon passes palace canal, cervix to combine a ministry to still tubal crock gorge connects 3 column sift the ministry inside reproductive path, however only a few spermatozoon can reach be fertilized place. Spermatozoon can survive 268 hours inside mother dog put oneself in another's position, can retain be fertilized ability 134 hours.

Be fertilized place is ministry of the 1/2 on oviduct (length the tubal cent that is 5 ~ 8.5cm is fluctuation two parts, near ovarian one end to go up 1/2, abdomen weighing crock) , the be fertilized procedure of ovum and spermatozoon is very quick, if the vigor of ovum and spermatozoon is strong, can finish in a hour. Sub oocyte makes a spermatozoon enter only thereby be fertilized, oosperm is the uterine part that runs to be the same as side normally, move the time of the bed is copulatory the 18.5 ~ after 24 days.

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