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Bo Meiyou dog
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The weight of beautiful dog of the rich when just was born normally is 60 ~ about 150 grams, it is normally be between 120 grams of 90 ~ is normaller, the young dog that grows normally arrived 30 days when have 500 grams of 400 ~ mostly. Normally young dog is in 20 days of ~ 25 execute between the day fill feed, in 25 ~ 30 days give young dog drive bug, ablactationing time should be decided with the amount of young dog. It is to be in 35 days or so normally. Ablactation 5 ~ after 7 days, want to have vaccine of inject first time, should inject in 20 days or so about quadratic is vaccinal, the vaccine that after this has 20 days the 3rd times again injects.

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