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Young of age dog raise a point

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Age period is to grow the main stage of development, body growth is rapid, must furnish consequently enough nutrition. Be born commonly 3 months basically grow head jian hou mian body and weight, 4-6 the month basically is to increase body length, body basically grows after 7 months tall. Accordingly, should press different growth level, compensatory and different nutrition. The young dog inside 3 months is fed 4 times at least everyday, add less feed frequently can make the dog always has not full feeling, unapt wearily, carry feed. 4-6 month age young dog, appetite increases gain weight very fast, daily place needs feed to measure also subsequently grow in quantity, feed 3 times at least everyday, after June, feed 2 times everyday can.
Some people think, if give a dog to feed the flesh entirely kind, can make the dog grows haly, actually this is wrong way. Eat the meat completely kind cannot make a dog hale not only, instead because of indigestion, be absorbed hard and make most dog produces diarrhoea. The flesh kind in although protein is much, but vitamin A/D/E and iodine are less, at the same time the flesh kind in calcic little phosphor is much, eat the meat for a long time, easy create scale of calcium of internal cause of young dog put oneself in another's position, phosphor maladjusted and skeleton forms a barrier, rupture easily or appear gammy, wait to large dog more unfavorable and premature hello with larger flesh kind, cause forelimb possibly to bend otherwise.

Of young dog in raising, water is absolutely cannot little thing, often should put a clear water at fixed place, so that it is eating,feed reach athletic around random is drinkable.

Of young dog calcic pink and vitamin should complement in raising, this is indispensible to tooth and skeletal growth. Every are due move outdoor proper amount, through ultraviolet illuminate, the absorption with facilitating qualitative calcium.

In raise young dog management to go up, should special prevent a few young dog bully feed a gluttony, daily appetite should follow canine size and decide, unfavorable feed too fully, with 78 into full for best. Additional, because path of bowel of young dog stomach still is in development process, should notice sanitation more, produce gastric bowel disease in case.

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