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Canine birth nurses

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Health is the most precious thing on the world really, if be very fond of your dog truly, should be in the home to develop the good habit that the body checks for it, the time that spends to love a dog to have a medical check-up is ten minutes only, want to perserve only, when amiss when appearing also but cure of as soon as possible, avoid the aggravation with further case. A healthy dog, can show expression to fly upwards, prance, appear crestfallen when it so, the mood is low, all over lack of power when, may be to contract disease, but to be on guard at was not being lighted, answer to undertake for it simple body is checked daily, raise advocate the body is made check in needing special arrangement time to be in the home for it, when replacing its hairdressing combing, undertake along with all the others can; If hair is existing peculiar when, answer as soon as possible takes it to be checked to vet clinic, avoid a serious illness of little pathological change.

Temperature measurement two methods

1. places thermometer in the dog the hind leg is alar, this law is most commonly used.

2. wait for the vaseline on thermometer besmear lubricant first, secure its head by family, make it stable come down, next raise advocate the tail that pulls it, put thermometer abdomen door in, about one minute takes out thermometer by anus. Normal canine Wen Wei photographs 38-38 of an ancient nationality in China. 9 degrees (Fahrenheit 100. 4-102 spends) , but more small-sized reach more active dog, body Wen Yihui is actually normaller a few taller, if if your love Canis is large dog or itself are not quite active, it is normal to can be compared when its temperature exorbitant or too a few lower, and the word of continuously normal without the reply temperature, may be to fall ill.

Eye examination

Clear, bright eye is a dog healthy performance, although a lot of dogs canthus has a few extravasation, but should clear more only, extravasation nature can disappear, dan Refa shows to it catchs an eye via commonly used claw or blink ceaselessly, may be its eye appeared problem, feel aching be caused by. If love canine look,painful reason is the word that has object pleasing to the eye, can eyewash will to erase. Open its eye above all, flax boracic belt is soaked with eyewash, wipe next wash an eye, be sure to keep in mind to cannot use pily ball end to wash, because pily garrulous is very easy sticky in the eye, this meeting makes it very unwell. In addition, the movement when cleaning also wants as far as possible gentle, lest do eyeball, but if the circumstance still has no the word that improve, appealed to vet clinic only.

Auditive examination

When opening the ear that loves a dog postmortem instead, should cleanness of the Li Qianjing inside discovery and appear shallow pink, fool nose close when its ear, meet only nose blast a central heating, and without any stinks; Dan Refa shows it constant and jolty head, catch ear, and effluvial word is uttered inside ear, it may have ear flea. Answer at that time with special the water washing ear of the flea that use side will cleared, pour the water that wash ear pleasant to hear first inside, press ear gently next, later dog can shake his head shake-out of the water that wash ear comes, finally with erasure of pily general bilge. First when should daily clean, till ear flea is complete till eliminate, can lie between a talent to have this process; Be opposite as a result of the grease inside ear nevertheless dog ear also has certain protective effect, excessive when cleaning, also meet grease along with all the others scour off, reason should undertake moderately.

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