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Canine birth is progenitive (2)

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3, when to need edible diet reducing weight?

Ideal weight:

Can feel rib, but look not to come out; From go up oversee, can see the waist; Look from flank, can see abdominal line


Can feel be surrounded by adipose bag the rib of the move; Lumbar line is not clear; Abdomen is perfectly round


Rib is surrounded by generous adipose package move; Feel adipose accumulation of the waist hard; Not quite look go out or do not look completely to give lumbar abdomen to be without line, expand apparently


Overweight reach fat dog to be mixed only cat, the opportunity of body sicken is taller, include among them:

Arthritis; Diabetic; Breath is difficult; Heart problem; Operation complication; Anaesthetic complication; Constipation; Hypertensive

The reason of get fat:

3 cause the main factor with overweight pet:

Eat excessive; Vivid momentum is low; Genetic

What some pet seem to eat is very few, what weight increases however is very fast. These pet may be make them because of genetic element easy get fat. A few dog just makes because of hormonal maladjusted or other disease with the cat only gain weight. Nevertheless, fat the commonnest cause is to eat excessive. Cause the element that eats excessive a lot of, include to feel insecurity of anguish, mood, bad food is used to, or the diet that edible does not suit.

Means of settlement:

If suspect overweight or your love dog or love cat are fat, seek advice from your vet please. Vet can check your pet to whether have any potential diseases in detail.

Be in usually, overweight pet needs to have a chain of plan reducing weight. The grain reducing weight of special recipe comes to edible help them solve fat problem!

4, when to need food of prescription of edible intestines and stomach

Problem - dirty disease of diarrhoea, intestines and stomach and pancreas


Diarrhoea; Vomit; Blood is carried in excrement and urine / or mucus; Week of every other number can appear repeatedly soft circumstance; Constipation; Inappetence; Weight drops


Helminth, especially vermian (young dog) ; Contract virus, the diarrhoea that causes accordingly (young dog) ; Take food feculent, cankered food or other rubbish (young dog) ; The bacterium is excessive cause (young dog and grown pet) ; Enteritis disease (grown pet) ; Pancreatic juice secretes inadequacy (grown pet)

Means of settlement:

If suspect your love dog or love cat have problem of intestines and stomach, seek advice from your vet please. Vet can check your pet in detail, returning when necessary can have a test, decide suitable remedial method next.

When if discover your love is bestowed favor on,contracting dirty disease of disease of intestines and stomach or pancreas, outside the remedial method that recommends except vet, the likelihood still needs edible the grain of gastric bowel prescription of special recipe, your pet solves conduce gastric bowel problem!

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