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Notice dog dog also is met of difficult labor

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Pregnant mother dog is in delivery process, exceed normal delivery time and cannot give fetal childbirth, call difficult labor.
The pathogeny

(1) be difficult to do of sex yield power. Because mother dog put oneself in another's position is weak, blast shrink reach exert duty is faint, blast shrink the water that reach limp is premature, uterine oneself disease is caused.

(2) produce sexual be difficult to do. The uterus twists turn, cervix deformation, vagina and cervix stricture, vaginal orifice stricture, send produce stricture of tumor, pelvis, be out of shape.

(3) fetal sex be difficult to do. Fetal be difficult to do of too big, overmuch, dual (dual rise at the same time, 揳 is entered produce path, fetal deformation) , malposition, fetal pose is frame-up reach fetal direction is frame-up wait for an element to cause.

Aid produce

Of canine be difficult to do and canine animal be difficult to do aid produce different, correctional position of a foetus is difficult inside canine uterus, should give decisive measure after judgement gives the pathogeny so. To producing the dog of force sex be difficult to do, usable medicaments expedites child delivery drawing of combinative obstetric forceps is aided produce. To the be difficult to do that other element sex causes, answer to apply the Caesarean operation is treated instantly.

Produce force sex be difficult to do. Checking soft produce circumstance as good as constant when (cervix mouth opens business sufficient) , but intramuscular injection shrinks Gong Su weight of kilogram of an unit / , every interval injects 20 minutes, general inject 2-3 second. To enhance contractive power of the uterus, drop of arteries and veins notes Ke Jing, 10 % dextrose is acerbity calcic 10-30 milliliter.

Reach to be being produced fetal and unusual the be difficult to do that cause, should apply Caesarean operation

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