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Of inbreeding special

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After the characteristic of clear inbreeding, can use its characteristic, in inbreeding of dirty of condition of certain time, certain circumstance.
For example some area has some state Si of a kind of dog bred 6 generation, but come in from beginning to end, did not appear one is provided revolutionary, appear close to perfect dog namely, the epigone that this dog plants is expecting. But was born close to perfect canine star directly one day suddenly, breed then person its blood is thumb through, but the hematic department that discovers this adjacent and perfect dog as a result is very common, in no matter exhibit or breed in the dog,taking an exam namely, not be very famous, go down to retain the fine figure of this dog and each advantage, progenitive person does to begin by this dog, filial generation of admirable blood relationship entail, multiply again next, continue again. In this environment space, inbreeding useful.
The dog that progenitive person will look for a figure with this approximately perfect dog and blood relationship to be close to quite as far as possible is made copulatory, assume this approximately perfect dog is public word, copulatory hind what withhold it is female, again father and female copulatory, this is inbreeding. It is again suppose in the offspring that reach, when can giving a very outstanding mother dog, this mother dog and be bordering on that perfect dog copulatory, in other words, will go is to use the genetic gene of this approximately perfect dog to breed centrally, can stabilize the genetic advantage of this approximately perfect fair dog come down, make genetic gene gets acceding adequately, or building a blood is, arrive the 3rd, when 4 generation, gene meets the heredity that takes the place of ever since to accede adequately that dog, build as a result of what blood fastens, the dog that plants completely can be crossed farther.
When a kind of blooded animal, close to become extinct when, want to undertake it multiply, it is very difficult. Because be very difficult,find such a few animals, even if can find, they also do not suit breed certainly. And in suiting progenitive one fraction, they are brother mostly sister or with consanguineous. But when this did not choose, as long as it is female and when of the right age, should make copulatory, want to use inbreeding. But progenitive below this case, the opportunity of occurrence bad is greater, because of the consanguineous close as a result of progenitive object itself, both has the possibility same defect. Fall in this kind of circumstance so, no good of an already bad fall into disuse slowly, reform slowly.
Be faced with become extinct when blooded animal so when, the influence of the explicit element that is about to cannot be chosen, should use near numerous value.
Be in sometimes more comfortable when, also can use inbreeding. Because breed the person wants to build his blood to fasten,this is, the dog that wants to should breed the person does not breed with him already is together only, people just looks this dog to know come out by this progenitive person breed, because these dogs have this numerous value home to breed has distinct advantage is behaved for years,this is. For example the ear pregnant of some dog of progenitive person is particularly particularly straight, long, or the back line that is some dog of progenitive person is particularly fine, but ear is a bit poor however.
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