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Fast guide is taught before the Yo that loves a dog

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The first preparation before raising love dog and need to know

1. chooses fair dog or mother dog:

Go up with respect to individual character and character, fair dog has the curiosity of strong line and adventurous sex more than mother dog, not only archness is more lively also! Generally speaking, mother dog is better take care of; But crossed 8 months to arrive 1 year, because make an appointment with the rut that has 2 times one year (about 3 weeks) , raise basically notes the problem with mother copulatory in the future or gravid dog.

2. chooses young dog or become a dog:

Raise a dog to firm commencement kind person, or unaccustomed take care of a dog kind the person, the choice can compare young dog into the dog much more relaxed. Nevertheless, general mostly the person likes to raise be born after is made an appointment with 2, the young dog with 3 big months, because its denounce happy about be caused by, and raised fun, make the person produces a contented move! Although work hard,raise young dog, but with raise big dog with one's own hands between, the heart report of generation communicates, can replace without any!

The 2nd dog that it is love creates an easy environment

The selection method of 1. indoor kennel:

The sort of kennel, get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh makes a person look have no time gives; But important is, intimacy is more important than its exterior. And the size that young dog does not depend on when the choose and buy, should consider the measure that it requires into canine place.

2. creates to love a dog comfortable " " :

The after that decides kennel decides the place that lay aside again; What undercoat plants is special be afraid of cold, grow what wool plants to want to notice drafty with drop wool. Did not forget to want to maintain the cleanness of kennel!

3. decides the place of relieve oneself beforehand:

Optimal method is, dog of time belt love goes outdoors motion lets it " convenient " ; If do not have an opportunity, the door of bathroom or balcony, must leave, let its go to the lavatory here freely. Have on nowadays market allegedly selling a kind of thing, put its in the bathroom to be able to leave dog dog, let it be used to in bathroom relieve oneself. Nevertheless, arrive outdoors and convenient best still method. One but the place after that the decision uses the toilet, before love dog forms a habit, to not aleatoric shift.

The 3rd oversight loves canine individual character, cannot produce reliant impact

1. dog kind have different temper:

Dog kind breed is many, it is same kind, individual character also has different. This needs to spend more time to conclude.

2. just began to take care of the note that loves a dog:

Dog kind arrive anew when the environment, the meeting on spirit feels uneasiness and astonish. Raise advocate should help as soon as possible let it get used to new environment.

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