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Dog of how progenitive champion

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If you lack the basic knowledge that understanding heredity learns, you make an outstanding progenitive home very hard, now and then you breed fortunately probably a very outstanding dog, but not clear among them truth, the advancement that your breed plans meeting obstruct is spent.

A few outstanding renown dogs have kind of very outstanding fair Mu Qun to make backup force rear, they are very precious.

A few person that breed have to the dog have a mind which perceives both past and future sky share alone, can one seeing this dog is good is bad.

Without the breed person of this kind of endowment, can teach oneself with experience, want them to wisdom and motive go discerning only, what comprehending just is good dog or bad dog.

Often breed the progenitive home that gives dog race of a few top level, provide alone only to the dog besides them a mind which perceives both past and future or one day beyond the portion, still have the factor of other.

Unfortunate is, the person that breed for the most part is to use a few are pretty good kind fair kind Mu Qun will breed, they think anyway blood relationship is same.

Hope thereby can breed the dog that gives top level. You may be lucky have good dog of embryo of just a little, but using is good dog will breed major metropolis calls the doggie that go out you only only sad, had better not try.

Another affects progenitive success or unsuccessful element is luck.

But genetics has a law however, the characteristic that is fair dog bitch then is met how entail their offspring, if why is distributive case waited a moment. What any dogs plant is progenitive, the first important document wants the standard that absolutely understanding dog plants namely.

You should read a few books about this kind of dog more, competition ground runs to discuss the level of this kind of dog with a few elder more in the meantime, hear their opinion. Strict choice is planted fair kind of Mu Qun, appropriate collocation this kind of alternative breed, just be marrow of successful breed 塲.

How genetics understands namely leave generation from this generation entail, how to go deciding to go up how does the feature of generation allocate, how external environment element finalizes the design at the same time model feature.   

A design and color is tie-in can get stuck copulatory the monochromatic that contains gene of design and color only can get stuck, its offspring will appear simple look can block the doggie that reachs collocation of design and color.   

A design and color is tie-in can get stuck with a monochromatic copulatory (without) of gene of design and color,

Its offspring will appear monochromatic doggie and contain wrong pigment (wrong mark) white spot is in doggie mouth ministry or ministry of the top of head or bosom or crural ministry.   

Another method can decide the genetic gene of the dog, the ancestor that should study it namely people.

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