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Operation of mother dog sterilization wants discreet

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Anatomizing anatomical, the reproductive system of bitch and mankind differ somewhat quite. Reproductive system of the person includes the left and right sides each one is ovarian, long and thin tubal join is in ovarian with uterine body between, the person's sterilization becomes tubal ligate operation in oviduct commonly. Of bitch ovarian contain rich and adipose ovarian bag for (Ovarian Bursa) the bag is stayed in, tubal bag is buried in the adipose caboodle of ovarian bursa, horn of uterus of join of tubal back end, the uterine role of the dog is senior and apparent, and after the uterine horn assemble of both sides, form an uterus body, uterine horn and uterine body contain substance of gland of the film inside the uterus.

Come more than 10 years, hospital of university vet teaching receives the case of disease of uterine harbour pus of the dog ceaselessly, these case of illness are complete province when clinic of each district vet is operation of Yo of bitch leave no room for manoeuvre, the wrong uterine horn middle in two side does ligation or excise partially uterine horn, stay ovarian with the horn of a paragraph of uterus that nears ovarian end. After the operation, because the Shang Cunyou inside bitch body is ovarian, every are met to progenitive and seasonal bitch oestrus. Body of gland of the film inside the uterus inside uterine horn of remain falls in ovarian hormone action, hyperplasia of gland body cell secretes a large number of mucus, as a result of uterine horn extreme already ligation, the liquid inside uterine antrum cannot eduction, save up is inside uterine antrum and form an uterus to accumulate mucus disease, save up mucus is very much when oppressive intrauterine surface is epithelial make epithelial death falls off, qualitative organization is direct and bare between the film inside the uterus at uterine antrum, bare between the oozy tissue fluid with qualitative can ceaseless organization, more increase amount of save up of uterine antrum liquid, sometimes bare between qualitative organization can produce inflammation reaction, and have a large number of acute and soak of chronic inflammation cell at qualitative organization, inflammation cell also is met leakage arrives uterine antrum.

If bitch has bacterium, the bacterium invades uterine antrum to form disease of uterine harbour pus. After the operation of common error, short criterion a year, long criterion 3 produce an uterus to accumulate to 5 years of metropolises mucous (or pus) disease. This is the medical treatment sequela that the sterilization operation of vet mistake causes. Bitch is buried in the adipose caboodle of ovarian bursa as a result of tubal bag, cannot do tubal ligate like the mankind. Of vet division mistake should make uterine part oviduct do ligation to be able to produce disease of uterine harbour pus.

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