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Loose lion characteristics
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The host that has raised dog of old pine lion and other breed dog often says, loose lion dog can say is the cleanest dog in all breed dog. If often comb,brush, the taste of loose lion dog is very little, and it also is not to be very interested to poison of small bug, verminosis. Loose lion dog is very delicious, and do not need many training, so it can live happily in unit room.

Although be being behaved possibly at the beginning very stubbornly, but dog of major loose lion is very clever, undertake easily training. Have a few pines lion dog is particularly capricious and much is enough and sensitive, can rely on your dialect and need not rely on corporeal method to direct. Dog of a little loose lion can train for working dog, still dog of a few loose lion is obtained " the dog that let partner (C.D. ) " honor and minority are obtained " optimal accompany a dog (C.D.X. ) " title, had obtained to two only " use dog (U.D. ) level; Get only " dog dog " title. Loose lion dog can hunt, attend " choose the United States " the match and wonderful domestic pet. If be mistreated without the child, and be brought up together with children, the elephant is other any dogs kind the animal is same, loose lion dog can become the child's playmate. Old experience already the feeder of dog of church loose lion, "Socialization " the only method that is dog of education loose lion. "Socialization " loose lion dog has undertaken than those doing not have " gregarious " groomed loose lion dog is more sedate. Had not undertaken " gregarious " the host that groomed loose lion dog cares him only, if host undertakes to it proper " gregarious " groom, the meeting is happier.

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