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Why there is a tail when dog be frighted?
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Everybody knows to placing a tail is what meaning, but why to place a tail to there are its in the body condition language of the dog special effect? Why to place tail and fear, the meaning such as timid, lowliness and position is contacted together, and is be cocky a position does Gao Heyang silver coin to express complacently?

The answer does not depend on tail oneself, and depend on a tail below. the tail lop place closely in the hind leg among, a craven dog was broken with respect to effectively block from it anal area sends out the odour signal that come out. When two dogs with very high position encounter, they can become warped the tail Laogao Ao, the odour that exposes a him anus area to let him smell out of the other side. Because anal area sends out,those who come out is each dog the place spy some, odour that indicates its capacity, clip tail does not let odour come loose when coming out to say to feel self-abased like the person to the dog, do not wish look good as result of recieving praise is same.

It is to alone life for the pet dog in human family, although do not have what importance,this kind expresses, but want a flock of dogs to live together only, grade concern is very main, clip tail also became a kind of important signal, it is the weak a kind of before overmatch abasement expression. Without doubt, this be out of office gives birth to a wolf group in also be particularly important. The wolf with a low position approachs a position is met when taller wolf lop tail, and approach when it " head wolf " when have to place the tail closely between two legs, arrive all the time from " head wolf " very Yuan Shicai dare raise a tail afresh.

About the indication movement of the tail, there is a kind of interesting difference between home dog and their feral ancestor. There is a kind of special end gland on all wolf tails, be located in the lower end of the tail, growing all round light good hair. The end gland of this darkly color is comprised by a flock of mutation sebaceous glands, it sends out an odour, but do not secrete grease. Resemble anal gland same, end gland is concerned with odour signal merely and be located in a tail outside side. If all the time the wolf is placing a tail to approach another wolf, the odour that place of its end gland gives out still can smell for place of the other side, but come from its anal odour to be done not have. Do not have gland of this kind of end quite, the odour signal of visible wolf wants than domestic dog complex much.

Why the end gland of the dog can degrade, still be a mystery up to now. What what the process that evolve by the wolf between 10000 as to the dog and comes always occurs is other a variety of change, that is intended as a result of the person's need try to choose, its are today as a result the mixed alleged and blooded dog that we see. Nevertheless, the function of gland also is in the end about the wolf to just be discussed recently merely, get the attention that breeds the person that new dog plants impossibly before a few centuries so. Nevertheless, OK and affirmative when, end gland early disappeared on dog body, because now all dogs do not have end gland.
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