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Dog how amuse oneself?
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After saying mammal arrived to grow up mostly absolutely no longer amuse oneself, only dog and person are two exception. Our mankind already also was become in developmental process " babyish simian " , still maintaining childish curiosity and the habit that love play in grown life, 2 namely such " babyish gas " , make our mankind is able to have so much discovery and so much brilliant success. The dog regards the mankind as the closest associate, be met without doubt and we are euqally lifetime the nature of newspaper love amuse oneself.
Be like a person is babyish simian, the dog is babyish wolf. The domestic dog of various manhood blazing loves play, although arrived,comparative year of Laoshi still such. But, when the dog thinks have fun, a problem needs to solve, how does that express to other dog namely. Because amuse oneself always wants to pretend normally,tussle is mixed pretend to escape, so very important should make clear to the other side namely, some kind of motion is made for amuse oneself merely, be not stem from serious. This makes the special expression that seeks play of the other side with respect to need.
The commonnest expression " let us play " formula of the game when the movement bows, namely: Before half body sinks, second half body still keeps unvarnished; Two forelegs stick close ground continuously to extension forward, after that the leg remains straight force. In make this kind of postural at the same time, think the dog that seeks play of the other side can look attentively at it only companionate and the body will be forward rush, seem to saying: "We play, we play. " if the other side make response, it is the game of a try to overtake each other in friendly emulation next so. Because this kind of try to overtake each other in friendly emulation is caused by special game signal, chase so never can cause true attack, and desert never also can become true shrink back. Actually, pursuer and the part of the person that escape often are mutual rotate, those also did not want to attack or feel fearing meaning really really here, everything is game merely just. The practice with this kind of the most quintessential sport is running namely circle.
Former, of formula of this kind of game bow the metabolic movement of stretch oneself of the dog that be by the explanation, because of it really very the foreleg when just waking up like the dog is extended, the sort of appearance that the body sinks. And this kind " stretch oneself " place is denotive means: This is relaxed, so we will begin move or be being chased is not serious. Nevertheless, having a kind of more logical explanation is, this kind bows is the watch signal movement that jumps happily, the warm-up before be like track man start of a race is same.
The dog still has other several kinds of expression that invite companionate amuse oneself method. One kind is so called " game face " , namely a kind of expression when be similar to a person to smile. Labial water levels the land and not be vertically spins backward, so of mouth county very wide, corners of the mouth is stood by to ear. Ministry of another name for Hubei province is stretched a bit slightly, but resemble showing anterior teeth not at all. The howl when this kind of movement and dog are huffish calls a movement as it happens contrary, the corners of the mouth when howl cries is forward reach, and nose up pursy show all anterior teeth. Make this plant when the dog " game face " when, it is complete harmless.
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