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Does the nose of the dog have much delicacy?
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The delicacy of the nose of the dog, the person cannot is likened to, it is the person is adv unimaginably even. The reason that this is like a person is a dog adv unimaginably same. We very how much is it's hard to say clear about to the dog surpasses a person after all in this respect. A little authoritative personage says, the smell of the dog is 100 times stronger than the person; is a few more additional the person mentions the figure million times; Still have a few people very earnest ground puts forward, the smell of the dog surpasses a person 100 million times. Actual condition is, afore-mentioned these are with respect to some kind of special chemical material character quite. To certain odour, the smell of the dog and person are about the same, because these odour are not important to the dog, for example flower is sweet. But, to additionally a few odour, acidity of for example perspiration (the fourth acerbity part that contains in sweat namely) , the experiment proves the susceptibility of the dog makes a person fab simply, say stronger than the person also million less times.
The dog is acid to sweat conscious faculty says really breathtaking. For example, somebody has been done still pebble experiment, namely: Let 6 people this collects a pebble and still go out aloof, let eat a dog to hear the hand of person of these 6 some between philtrum next, it can this individual place still that pebble is accurate without search by accident. This person is in merely still when grasped that pebble, but it is this flashy the perspiration acidity that his hand leaves on pebble, the nose smell out that enough lets a dog comes. More breathtaking is glass piece experiment. In the experiment, experiment personnel from fold glass greatly piece in random is draw-out let a person one piece use a finger above feel, do earmark replace to fold glass greatly then next piece in, folding that glass greatly piece put save at the same time rise. Such, after 6 weeks, experiment personnel glass piece go coming out entirely, let a dog from which smell out ever was pointed to one piece which by the hand of a certain person above had felt, it unexpectedly ground of without striking a blowing was accomplished.
Send out from person foot the perspiration acidity that come out is dog place more easily even to be aware of. Well-trained police dog is OK the track that smell out person keeps before 4 days, and can smell is worn what someone's footmark tracks a few kilometers is far. The dog is right the odour of person foot simply sensitive to the utmost, although be in,take the place that has a lot of person track, although everybody is wearing footgear, the dog also can discern all the same piece among them the footmark of some person.
The reason that the dog has this kind of capacity has -1434759936 smell cell possibly in the nose that is it, and under photograph comparing, olfactory cell of the person is only 5 million. Although this kind of ability of the dog is used in place of the humanness in lots and lots of investigation domains, and some are person place Zhou Zhi, but a few very few however somebody know. All of us knows sleuth is former is to be used to pursue fugitive slave, we also know police dog is in latter-day and main it is to use those who chase escaped criminal, but we know rarely however, still can use quite discriminating two people is twin. Because the appreciate of everybody passes gene heredity, because true twin is basic identical, so appreciate also exactly like. As to someone else, even if sister brother, appreciate is to have each different. Such, if the dog cannot discern the appreciate of two people, that can prove these two people are twin only. Conversely, if two people grow very much,the sister brother that resemble wants to pretend to be twin, that should let a dog be heard only then discern immediately came out.
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