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As the grow in quantity of the personage that raise a dog, most the problem that invites poll to ache also rises to surface accordingly, dog of the dog when that walks a dog namely can can't help to the piddle on tire, this problem is perplexing a lot of public figures love a car, every time car advocate the uric mark energy of life that dog having a dog saves on the tire that next buildings see he love a car does not make one part, wish to capture that dog to beat up, but the one side that violated human goodness again, so how to eliminate dog dog to be on tire the problem of piddle? Bring a few kinds of methods for everybody today, everybody goes back can try.

The first: Simple and economic law

This kind of method is the simplest, everybody can use what rice washs everyday in the home to wash rice water, douse is in area of feline dog relieve oneself (need to have patience) repeat 2 ~ 3 days to always can remove future trouble, have a try effective really.

The 2nd: The most effective method

Have a simple and very effective method, cost is not very expensive: Go inside inn of two-spot petty gain wholesale a packet of big camphor ball, after jockeying every time, the tread down on the ground by car wheel half camphor ball, stop a car to just use 2, and the effect is very significant!

The 3rd: The stupiddest but the method that the canal uses

The car with a few taller frequency that be hit by dog make water advocate, can provide for oneself 4 thin board (be like three-ply board) , the side in 4 tire blocks board after jockeying everyday, best can wait with brick secure. If car a side is of park relying on a wall, it is OK that that wants to hold off outboard tire with 2 boards only.

The 4th: Turn the means of Jian to the utmost

Agent of use tire polish, this kind of tire decorates things each are big steam matchs a city to have sell, price is controlled in 12 yuan commonly, the effect is absolutely good, not only can hairdressing maintains tire is returned can the hidden trouble of piddle of comb-out dog dog, kill two birds with one stone.

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