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Dog why hind dig earth?
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Each person raises the person of the dog to be able to notice, dog, especially fair dog, be in hind the motion that can make land of this kind of dig, namely: The claw before using relapses in not far from excrement and urine place dig a few, just go away next. Sometimes, also meet after dog piddle dig earth, this is scarcer nevertheless.
It is to the explanation of this kind of behavior so: The excrement and urine that the feral ancestor of the dog ever wanted him bury like the cat, although domestic dog still contains this kind of characteristics, but this kind of movement had not been perfected, it is merely in dig of excrement and urine a few just. But, this kind of view is incorrect, the observation that because be in recently,the wolf place below strange to life be out of office predicament makes makes clear, the wolf also is met make this identical motion. Visible, dog of nonexistent home is in of behavioral respect " degrade " .
Another kind of view is, dog dig earth is to want to distribute oneself excrement and urine, will expand with this contain it the area of unique flavor. Really, such doing have a few animals, they like to distribute oneself fecal, for example hippo, hind resemble hitting with the tail swing oneself excrement and urine often like fan far. But the problem is, although the dog is in very close from him excrement and urine place dig earth, won't come up against excrement and urine however.
This caused two kinds of possible explanations. The first kind of explanation is: The wolf dig earth below feral condition, loosen for the sake of making the land near excrement and urine, the taste that leaves in place of their excrement and urine so left visual mark again on the side of the mark. Because the dog lives in urban environment, the ground of their place dig often is hard cement land, leave visual mark very hard also so, but this is the environment makes merely like that, of their behavior itself or free truth. If be in more natural environment, dog dig territory can produce clear visual result.
The 2nd kind of explanation points out, go up to there just is sweat gland between toe only as a result of dog body, because dog dig earth is,should adding a kind of individual flavor by him excrement and urine. We perhaps feel this kind of view is suspect, smell very easily because of the person's nose the stink of dog dung, but this to the sweat flavour between dog toe it is not to hear those who go out absolutely however. However, in the world of the dog that is full of air temperature, this is completely likely however. Adscititious odour indicates (namely sweat flavour) probably its special effect perhaps contains special information, can conduce to the relation between harmonious dog and dog. Nevertheless, the largest possibility is, the dog is in in environment hind the action that dig earth has olfactory side already is visual respect at the same time.

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