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Understand canine characteristics
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In modern city, more and more people have spouse animal. In streets and lanes, be attracted what the look of passerby always cannot refrain from by lively and lovely doggie place, some people cannot help wanting to touch them even; Meanwhile, a lot of families that have a dog also are enjoying love dog to bring family person boundless joy.
Interact and communicate the socialization with have certain of person and person formal with law, the communication of person and dog is same also. It is as person and dog in the life more and more contacts, the behavior characteristics that understands a few dogs more and master what get along with the dog " gregarious law " , will conduce to you more happy undertake communicate and be communicationed with harmonious ground and dog.

How be close to unfamiliar dog?

When people sees a lively and lovely dog, often can move toward a dog directly and stretch his hand feel it, amuse it or feed food to give it. Most dog won't bite a person easily, but had better not touch unfamiliar dog at will below the condition that did not impose so that host agrees. If the dog does not like to be touched by stranger, so the dog can dread to touching its person to show or inimical.

When you want to be close to an unfamiliar dog, need those who ask for the dog is masterly to agree above all, next make a fist of a hand, extend the reverse side of fist to nose lower part of the dog slowly, after it was familiar with your odour, it can be used shake the means of the tail will to you state it has loosened vigilance, at this moment you can be close to it.

Children and dog, the need when be being contacted with unfamiliar dog especially takes care slightly, because not be all dogs,like with children amuse oneself. Should teach children, must ask for first when adjacent and unfamiliar dog dog advocate agree. Additional, do not make cheeper alone stay together with the dog as far as possible.

How be judged and to how be judged and check canine bite person behavior?

Because people does not understand,a lot of dogs bite a person is of the dog " gregarious law " those who cause. Most dog won't bite a person, but untrained or those are very few the dog that contacts with the mankind has the possibility that bites a person. The dog is the animal with a kind of feudal very strong consciousness, think to stranger was entered when the dog when those who belong to it is feudal, can stem from the purpose with him feudal protection, give out a warning to have charge even to the mankind.

Most dog can issue a warning before biting a person. Set upright wool having a back when the dog, diverge limb emphatically to step the ground, slightly jolty tail, raise a head at the same time bark on face, then you took care with respect to need, it this is to be in issue a warning to you. If you continue to be close to it, the dog can issue sterner warning. Play a tail when the dog, bare a tooth, give out roaring and stick ear rearward, this is final warning, it should launch attack immediately.
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