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Talk about natural characteristics of the dog and training
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The dog has extremely tall intelligence, admirable smell and hearing, run quickly capability is strong, tack is agile, feral and bellicose, use extensively consequently go up in line of the soldiers and police, security personnel, also use extensively now look after the house at the country protect a courtyard.

Canine action is decided by genetic quality, environment and training, training builds in genetic quality base development again, we cannot from the dog there obtain super- at itself quality more things, ask more, the result is worse instead.

Because of this natural characteristics to the dog, if we understand, choose to apply in training, some undertakes be encouragemented adequately with characteristics, undertake uselessly inhibition, can undertake modelling by fixed target so, training gives delightful, self-confident, active obedience the dog with alert cultured curiosity.

But, a lot of people did not give enough attention. Underestimated natural characteristics of the dog, because this is right the classic form condition that canine training is machinery of bureau be confined to only is retrorse, the condition reflexes Bafuluofu, training a result is one hears a command; Go to the side of host with respect to ground of crestfallen, grovel, to walk gingerly " servile dog " , perhaps hold the post of its to develop, do not listen to a command as a result, host letting a dog follows at the back to get tired of of angle " boss dog " . The natural characteristics that concerns with training only here gives elaborate.

One, canine intelligence, producer type and environment take exercise.  

Although canine intelligence is genetic quality, however more suffer environmental effect, in a brood of dog the biggest the strongest dog, in adverse environment (if often threaten) ability of the weak dog that meeting comparing cradles below particularly favorable ambient conditions is smaller instead, weaker and nescient be used to. Canine lifestyle (the life reads severe) as intellective as its discretion has very big concern, the more the life of complex, pinch, jump over can forging its ability and wisdom, mix inside the residence only canine bar (or the dog is abandoned) the dog with grown raise is intellective doltish, spirit is dispirited.

The member that example of dog of American soldiers and police guides often chooses recieve training dog from canine asylum, these dogs are to roam about for the most part dog, have rich experience of life and stronger viability, intelligence is taller. And we are differred as a result of working responsibility heart sometimes or the staff member waits for a relation less, will mothball long-term raise divides kind of dog in the dog to abandon in, as a result this dog sees stranger undertakes barking, push the clip after opening the door to wear tail desert, such canine disposition quality is differred and have neurosis, in fact Bafuluofu ever proved with the experiment this kind of nerve is luscious card produces an account. To improve canine intelligence, we are OK ground of purposeful, successive undertakes to the dog the environment takes exercise, of all sorts of exciting elements in living in order to raise opposite of young dog nerve bear ability, this is us often say " be used to is changed " .
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