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Confuse act of dog of your Du Bin basic standard and characteristics
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The dog likes smell to hear any thing. Smell hears feudal earmark, fluid of new dog, food, poison, excrement and urine, make water is waited a moment. The dog is outer piece when taking a walk, we often see it ceaselessly pee perhaps crouchs next defecate, the cloth of excrement and urine it spreads way. The dog is to rely on these " scent indicates " walk.

The dog likes to pursue live thing. If chase,mix kill puppy. Angle hare, cat, sheep, chase after even bite the mankind, the person uses this kind of character of the dog, let them drive Yang Qun, Niu Qun and protective him mankind.
When the dog falls ill, can keep away from instinctively the mankind or other dog, hide in dark place to recover or die, this is a kind " atavism " . Occupy pet king to understand: The ancestor of the dog is social life, in doggery if have what fall ill or get hurt, other dog can kill it, lest get completely complicity or the endure hardships after dropping out. Should cause dog host at this o'clock or breeder attention, answer to ask vet make a diagnosis and give treatment in time.

The dog likes alcohol least of all. When giving or take an injection to the dog in vet courtyard, before brushing alcohol, expression is darling. Once brush alcohol hind, dog nose flavour, on hair horse erect blusterous uneasiness.

The dog is afraid of fire, accordingly always fumy thing, they do not like, if strike the match, smoking.

"Act like a snob "

The dog is gregarious animal originally, awe-stricken cacique, protect a companion hard, after the life that enters the mankind, comply with the command of householder: Goodwife feeds it, attend it, the child plays with it; Time is in the home is least is male host, make it awe-stricken instead. Conversely, if goodwife compares majesty, steer a family, it also can comply with completely goodwife. It is scared, fear to compare it even lofty, and be the same as with it tall or stature is a few smaller, because had better surprise,the dog is met instead, produce strong protective desire to them then. Because this had " the view of the act like a snob " .

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